Little Artist?

So the homemade-edible-baby-food-finger-“paint”-ing was put off until today because we have been too busy! But today, after Cam’s breakfast (he’s now having 3 meals a day) I dressed him in a play onesie and got out a canvas for him to have free run of.

He loved it but favoured the blue ‘paint’ so I had ended up dunking his hands into the red and yellow randomly but he would just wipe them on the canvas and reach out for the blue. Too sweet!

Sorry about the stinky mobile photos (although, it is a blackberry so the pics aren’t toooo bad):

It dried well and I’m going to get some spray artwork seal to keep it pretty forever more!

In other exciting news Cam said “Mumma, Mumma” as he commando crawled to me this afternoon! Although I’m sure it wasn’t in context as he’s only verging on 7 months old… I still did a happy dance.

Also, I’m still trying to work out if he’s signing “milk” (we call it boo-bah) when nursing. It looks like waving but the sign for “milk” is like vertical waving bubye so I’m not sure. He’s done it a few times now. He also copies the signs for Dadda, more and sleep… but not in context. Still, he has the dexterity and I think he’s a pretty clever munchkin.

I’m uploading some home vids of Cam (swimming and his first attempts at commando crawling – both older vids) and plan on doing a Mumma Vlog soon (although the rest of this week is uber busy for us).

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6 thoughts on “Little Artist?

  1. So clever! I love this idea — especially as a safe way for baby to paint. Will give it a try with my toddler. She’ll just love getting messy!!

    Came over from Top Baby Blogs — looks like we’re page 2 buddies over there! So glad to have found your lovely site!

  2. he is adorable! The artwork of a 7 month old is beautiful.. even when it’s with food!

    I wanted to Thank you for stopping by my Blog. it’s always fun to get to know new Moms! I’m gonna stumble around your Blog a bit. Good ta meet you Racheous =)

  3. I love this idea. My little one is almost 15months, we just starting exploring with crayons. I think this weekend we will go Picasso or Monet!

    Your blog is wonderful. I just started writing… still trying to find the time.

    • lol, baby rice cereal, mixed with water and food colouring… just incase he ate it. It dried well enough and I sprayed it with some sealant afterwards to keep it from going bad.

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