The Versatile Blogger

Thank you PupukaBaby for this blog award! How fun! Please go and check out her new-ish blog! She’s a cloth diapering, co-sleeping fun Mumma like myself and so sweet!

So here’s how this goes. I will share seven random facts about myself and pass this along to five other bloggers I enjoy reading and who I think you’ll enjoy as well. Here we goooo

1) My favourite colour is purple, favourite animal is the barn owl, and favourite number is 4.

2) I am Maori, Irish, English, Scottish and German. Not in that order.

3) As a kid I was fearless and always hurting myself. I burnt myself climbing the lawn mower at 3, tore off half of the skin on the roof of my mouth playing with a pipe whilst swinging at 3 and broke my pinky toe in 3 places watching boys playing rugby while doing step ups.

4) I was a librarian in primary school. Needless to say I was a nerd.

5) I had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio (still do really) as a kid and had a blue budgie named Leo (Mum wouldn’t let me call him Toe Jam) who could say “Hello” and “Leo”, who was fat and loved sitting on my shoulder and nibbling my earrings.

6) My Dad was adopted so I don’t know half of my family.

7) My right thumb is fat and short and sorta toe-like. My Mum’s left thumb is the same. We’re special 😛

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. Now I’ll pass this along to some fellow bloggers who are even awesome..r:

Go Team Hale
Heir To Blair

Silvia Snaps
Now With Sprinkles

The Happy Pile Family


2 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger

  1. Wow I’m Irish, English, Scottish and German as well! Just replace ‘Maori’ with ‘Spanish’ and we are the same 😀

    My cousin has a ‘toe thumb’ as well!! She is currently pregnant with her first child and I tease her about whether her child will also have a toe thumb. I am a mean cousin!!!

  2. awesome! I was wondering if you had some Maori in you after you mentioned your family in NZ. I have some Maori family and other Maori friends who I went to college with here in Hawaii.

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