My 7 Month Old

I’ll put a disclaimer at this point. I hope that my readers realise that my updates of Cam aren’t a ‘Competitive Mum’ thing but a record for myself and my family. I hate comparisons with children and labels. I love my boy and love parenting and hold no judgements for parents who have their children’s best interests in mind (which is most parents!)

THIS, this is the beginning. I’ve watched it as a nanny. They grow up at an alarming rate from this point on. It’s also so freaking fun. They learn and interact in a more tangible, noticeable way.

Sometimes I look at my munchkin and think “my goodness, you’re so grown up!” (especially when I see newborns *ovary twitch*) but then I remind myself that he’s barely over half way to one year old.

In the past couple of weeks Cam has really hit the whole separation-anxiety-thing. Mumma (and only Mumma) will do – especially when he’s tired. He cries the instant I am out of his sight and crawls to wherever I am if he sees me.

It is both the most beautiful and more frustrating thing ever. Frustrating because there is dishes/washing/cleaning/organising/eating to be done but there is nothing more cuter than hearing little hands slapping the tiles as he crawls as fast as he can towards me.

Speaking of crawling, Cam is now big-boy-crawling! Sometimes… LOL! On the tiles it’s much too difficult and he generally gives up after a bit and continues to commando crawl – even though I’m pretty sure that would be harder.

Today I got frustrated by the messy home and decided to strap Cam to my back (which he found sooooo funny) and get some things done! It was so good. I forgot what walking around without either holding him or hearing him whinge was like! (admittedly, he plays with toys happily by himself sometimes… but still)

So a freezer-full of purees are prepared (including some new veges and fruits!) and my house is somewhat functional! Yipee! Although, we really need to baby proof properly! He’s never out of my sight for long but I know he’s only getting quicker and more crafty! I went to the toilet the other day and came back to find him with my Blackberry (cue me dramatically taking it off him saying “noooo, my happiness! :P)

We have taken to doing more songs/games/toys/etc that emphasise object permanence in an effort to help him with his separation and stranger anxiety.

On the milestone front, Cam adores sitting up. I’ll put him down on his belly watch as he pushes himself into sitting position. His favourite toy to play with while sitting up is his wooden shape sorter – it’s soooo cute to watch him try and fit the pieces in and take the lid off and pull the shapes out.

He’s mastered the pincer grip and taken to tweaking peoples nipples which is hilarious but not so fun for the breastfeeding Mum!

He’s showing anticipation now and knows his favourite songs and games (peekaboo with Dadda). He gets excited when we put on his swimmers for his lessons (next week is Mike’s first lesson with him! Exciting!)

Cameron has used his first sign in context… but only twice. aaaaand, it’s “Dadda”. He understands the concept of “up” as well and puts both arms up when he’s sick of floor time 😛 & I think I’ve already mentioned that he now waves (sorry if I repeat)

Gravity is providing endless entertainment at this point. He’s been experimenting with some safe finger foods but finds that sucking on them and dropping them ceremoniously on the floor is much more fun than attempting to eat them (teeheehee).

He met his Aunty Sil Sil’s rats the other day and scared them with his eagerness (he loves animals but doesn’t seem to understand ‘gentle hands’). He isn’t that fond of our doggie Phoebe (she’s a bit too full of energy) but loves his Little Man – our “I-haven’t-seen-a-cat-this-big-in-a-long-time” (my vet) cat.

Better go, someone awfully sweet has just woken up and realised Mumma isn’t with him ❤


One thought on “My 7 Month Old

  1. HEy there,
    OH my goodness hes growing up!! And his motor skills are amazing. He is only three weeks older than my little one and My little man is just a big ball of chubba lol I love him to bits. He is just rolling now and sometimes still gets stuck.

    As this is the third time for me I know hell do it when hes ready but he has a big head lol and I think he has not figured out how to counter balance his body with it hehehe so cute.

    He talks none stop and laughs and laughs, his mission in life is to smile at everyone. He will go to anyone who will cuddle him however if its just me and the boys at home and I leave the room he hates it. ANd I know what you mean about it being cute and frustrating all at once. Im getting good and doing things with one hand.

    I sleep him next to me in the cot and he sleeps 12 hours at night which is great but sometimes wakes up for a chat and we hold hands till he falls asleep again. I just hate how quick it goes, my older boys start prep next year and I m just not ready yet I will miss them terribly.

    I cant wait for you to fall pg again and follow your next journey. Id love a 4th but hubby says nooooo way and I can see why. Its nice to have a big family but I just dont want to stretch myself anymore with the boys I feel they will miss out a little. They were all sick the other day and bubs was screaming and the other two were on the couch crying and I wanted to hold them all and couldn’t it was horrible. That made me realise I cant spread myself any thinner.

    Did you say you were going to start TTC at the end of this year??? I cant wait.

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