How Am I Doing?

Racheous update ahoy!

I forget to update about myself when I’m doing well! I tend to only share when I’m fighting through something or when I am in the middle of a shift.

So how am I doing? Honestly? I haven’t been this great since pregnancy. I’m very content. I do not have any lingering symptoms of depression and my anxiety is more than manageable. I am always laughing and enjoying myself.

I don’t have trouble getting out of bed, or motivating myself and Cameron and I have such gorgeous days together!

I mean, it’s not that I didn’t do these things before… but I think that my focus was still on ‘getting better’ and ‘coping’ rather than just living and I don’t have to force myself to move past negativity – because it’s not there anymore.

On the ‘Operation Sexy Mumma’ front… I’m yet to lose more weight LOL! I have been good friends with white chocolate lately and ate far too much of my fair share of frosting (while making Jo Jo’s cake) and cupcakes and samosas (at the party).

It’s a process… maybe a long one 😛

I have a few blogs waiting to be ‘finished’ and published as well as some guest posts on the horizon so watch out!

Thank you to those who have been voting for us at Top Baby Blogs! I’m on page two and am so appreciative of all of your support! You can vote daily and the link is always over on the right ————–>

P.S. We are in the midst of yet another playroom makeover 😛 Now that Cam is crawling he’s obviously interacting differently with his environment and I want his area to reflect that – too fun! We’ve got a hand/foot plaster ready to go and frame and we are on the look out for a rug. Watch this space 🙂


One thought on “How Am I Doing?

  1. Your already a hot mamma. You look as preety as a picture. Im so happy your feeling great. You have been on a journey and you are reaching the best part.

    The next time you have a baby you will greatly benifit from all of this. Its not to say with the hormone shifts that it wont come back but now you know how to act on it QUICKY and you know the best thing now its not foreve!!!!!. Your finally at the other side.

    If someone said to you at the start, one day you will be playing with your boy and be happy and loving your days again you would have thought “NO WAY” but now your here. And from recording all this you have shown other mums who may go through this that as bad as it gets it WILL get better. The sun will shine again. Well done to you for never giving in and always pushing foward. You should be proud of yourself.

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