The Poo Incident

Yep, I’m on of those Mum bloggers. The one’s who talk about poo.

So it was like any other nappy free time (famous story starting point?! Y/Y??) until I heard Mike’s panicked voice say “Rachel! Look!!”

I turn around to see my baby boy… on all fours… with poo down his thighs and an absurd amount of poo on the blanket that he was playing on.

Until this point I was unaware of the smell. It’s a bit like when you don’t realise you have hurt yourself until you see the blood and all of a sudden there’s so much pain… Well I turned around and my brain registered the poonami in front of me and suddenly my nostrils were assulted with stink.

The following moments are a blur of laughter, frantic wiping, yelling and running around.

I didn’t take a photo so I’ve taken the liberty of drawing a diagram for you all:

The bath was running so I took a now semi-cleaned-up Cameron into the bathroom to turn off the taps and get us both clean while I left Mike with the offending mess (I’m good like that).

But before we could enter the bath I heard Mike, even more panicked, from the room “Oh God! I dropped it”. Through fits of laughter I made it back to the room to see Michael scooping up said logs of baby poo with a CD.

“I hope you don’t want this Mariah Carey CD”. I was snorting. Yes, snorting, with laughter.

We finally made it to the bathtub and settled ourselves in for the most efficient cleaning of our lives when Cam pulled that face. Fellow Mums, you know the one. The Poo Face.


Yes, blog readers.

He pooed in the bath. I scooped poo out of the bath with my bare hands while screaming dramatically as Cam looked super satisfied with the situation.

I am fully hoping that this is the first and last poo story I tell. Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “The Poo Incident

  1. Priceless!!!!! LOL HA HA HA!!!! Why the was he using a CD??!!! the things men come up with LOL !congrats on your poop story!!! and ooh yes we have them all! That is one of the great ones! the very first time we were going to give my daughter a bath she pooped all over my husband and in the tub. the mortified look on his face was priceless when he realized a naked baby was pooing on him! All i could do was laugh and laugh and laugh! It was the funnest thing ever!

  2. Omg Rachel, priceless. It’s like I was there with that diagram – the poo, the chaos, the stench – wait scrap that last description, that’s just the funky river water at dreamworld. A blog would read again.

  3. Ohhhhh! I know this one all too well. LOL!!

    I Have 3 older children that ALL did this one, and then they think they are cute as heck while they do this too. The challenging one is coming for me, when the Twins get to that point in their Poo curiosity … That is going to be a nightmare!

  4. Can just imagine it!
    Reminds me of one afternoon my son, then a toddler who had stopped wearing nappies for a while by then, was having a nap with me on my bed. It was summer, really hot, so he was naked.
    I suddenly woke up to see him still sleeping but starting to poo a great log on my bed! I had to jump up an carry him to the loo in time to drop the log in!

    Now he’s a tough skateboarder in is teens I look at him and remember that day 😀

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