Silvia. Silv. Sil. Shmilliest of Shmils. Aunty Sil Sil. My bee eff eff.

Silv is one of very few people who just gets me. Admittedly, she’s had a few years to do so (we met whilst in junior high but forged a closer friendship since we were about 16). She understands me but doesn’t put up with my crap.

She is the one who got drunk with me for my first time at schoolies. She is the one who buys me awesome Christmas presents because she knows how to bring the lulz. She commiserated with me after another failed cycle by mending me with numbing alcohol and obnoxious singing of Prince. She laughs at my too-muchery and gets what I mean when I talk about past-Rachel.

She accepts (but doesn’t condone) my cougar ways and will happily listen to me rant. She is smart, witty, sophisticated and all round awesome. She doesn’t seem to understand how great she is and how her ‘flaws’ make her all the more awesome. She shares my like for plans and has the same sense of humour as me.

She’s been there back in the day when Mike and I had a fight and she took me to get some lemon sorbet and understood when I just wanted to breath and pretend he didn’t exist.

Silv was there beside me when I married my prince charming and helped me through the tough times.

She painstakingly planned and perfectly executed my baby shower and made me feel so special. She made me cry with her first email after Cameron’s birth.

She doesn’t always agree with my decisions or beliefs but respects them (and vice versa for me) which makes our friendship just work. She wrote a cool blog post about me and I’m copying which she probably will hi 5 me about (hopefully)

When I feel lost she puts things into perspective and reminds me of who I am and what I’m about (and what I’m capable of) in a way that I can’t truly express my gratitude for. Her deep and meaningfuls warm my soul.

I lubbers her like a lubberything.

P.S. Thank you so much for the votes everyone 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My BFF

  1. Awww rachface! Thank you so much for the sweet blog, it definitely brought a smile to my face even on such a hard day. I love you and your wee little family like a lubbers you thing too. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any horrible retort like you did with my height, so i’ll have to just stick with ‘Twins with that chick that face planted right off a mechanical bull on RWJ’s video’. Yeah you know it’s true.

    xx 😀

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