Sick Bubba & Well Mumma

Cameron is sick 😦 It’s the first time since he was born and it’s breaking my heart. He has a viral infection and a fever. We went to the dr today and were both relieved and sad to hear that we’re doing everything we are meant to/can. He’s already doing better thanks to tonnes of cuddles, patience and boobah!

Having an unwell baby demanding so much from me emotionally and physically (not just holding him, etc but demand feeding like a newborn) has admittedly drained me and I saw the fog attempting to make a return…

But it is so different now. I roundhouse kicked the fog in the face and smirked as it sulked away in defeat. In a victorious state I snuggled my baby boy, made a pot of my favourite tea and started reading a new book.

Stay tuned for some photos of Cam’s first swimming lesson with Mike, a day at the park and his first beach experience.


One thought on “Sick Bubba & Well Mumma

  1. Hey girl, so sorry that Cam is must be hard to see your bubba unwell. I hope he feels better very soon. Well done to you for being so strong and making a stand against that fog, another massively positive step for you. Take care of eachother, look forward to see your little boy smiling again soon : ) xx

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