Oh, how we love the weekends! Where our little family are together. Where we wake up slowly… stretching… quietly… kisses and smiles emerge and we embark on filling the next two days with new memories. Friday evenings mean easy food and excitedly planning ahead.

Last weekend looked a little like this:

It started with Mike’s first swimming lesson with Cameron. It was really fun to be able to watch Cam from afar and see my boys enjoying eachother. I made sure to get some video too.

We then went to the park, lathered Cam with sunscreen and played and laughed. Mike and I lay in the sun and listened to the funny things that the children and parents were saying on the playground next to us.

The next day we went to the Gold Coast – Cameron’s first ever beach experience! We bribed him with a snack in the car and he fell asleep so we drove in silence with a view of clear blue skies as we drove past theme parks and listened to music.

The beach was picture perfect and we watched as Cam stared wide-eyed at the vastness of the scenery and kept staring at the sand. We set up a picnic blanket and sat Cameron in the sand where he immediately smiled shyly and started playing.

His little limbs got covered in golden sand as it stuck to his sunscreen and he squinted up and us front under his floppy sun hat with toothy-peg grins (speaking of sunhats, I need to buy a new one! his is too small now!)

Cameron loved picking up little chubby fistfuls of sand and watching it flow out of his hand. He giggled as we dug holes and buried our feet. We took pictures of his little foot prints in the sand and collected sea-shells for his memory box.

The water was freezing but we dipped his feet in anyway. He squealed and got scared – the waves are super intimidating! There were lots of boats out and we pointed out the seagulls, surfers and other children to Cam and he drank it all in. It was lovely.

The drive home was long but just as quiet and it was nice to come inside and have baths and wash away the sand and sticky sunscreen. We cuddled up and read Paddington bears book about the seaside and sang some songs… but Cameron crawled over to his new favourite books (the “That’s Not My…” books – we have pony, monster, dragon and dinosaur) so that’s what we read before sleeptime.

So… what are you doing this weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. Awe this is too cute. You are so very lucky with your little family rach, it makes my heart want to burst. I hope one day soon your cammy can play with aunty sil’s little one :3 xx

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