Fun Baby Activities!!

Now that Cameron has started getting more mobile, inquisitive and communicates with me a bit more I’ve started looking for more activities to do with him. We read, sing, stack toys, water play, blow bubbles, play outside, etc but I like the idea of giving him more experiences and getting a bit more creative.

I’ve left my camera at a friends place (DOH!) so I’ve been taking photos with an old camera of ours that we have lost the cables to (so I can’t upload them) but hopefully I’ll be able to get them on the computer at some point! Anyway, here’s some of the ideas that we have tried successfully or want to try ūüôā Ideas are mine unless there is a link to elsewhere.

“Money Box” Fun – use an empty formula tin or similar; decorate if you like, and cut a decent-sized slot in the lid. Use poker chips or something of similar size (non-chokables) to use as ‘money’. Show your bub how to pick up the chips and put them in the slot. It’s fun to see them shake it about and get them all back out afterwards (open the lid for them). The Activity Mom did a post on a similar thing ūüôā – photo from her blog ‚̧

Cam’s masterpiece for his Grandma

Painting – baby¬†rice cereal¬†with food colouring (make sure you spray with an art sealant after is has dried to ensure it doesn’t go yucky). It’s lovely to pick colours that match their nursery or playroom and let them ‘paint’ a canvas that you can showcase. Another idea is to let your bubby paint with non-toxic paint on canvas paper which you can cut into shapes (i.e. animals, vehicles) and frame.

Caution: May over-stimulate baby ūüėõ

Playdough – there are plenty of easy no-cook playdough recipes out there. If you are concerned about your baby eating the playdough put it in a ziplock bag and let them squish it and manipulate it through the bag.

Sticker Activity Рyou can use tape like over at Fun With Mama but we use stickers. This activity is great for body awareness and makes for cute photos with silly faces, serious concentration and crossed-eyes. Basically you put stickers on different body parts (nose, hands, feet, etc), name them and watch as your bub tries to pull the sticker off.

Sticky Fun –¬†use duct tape, assorted¬†objects and a¬†sheet of contact paper about 2 feet long. Lay the contact paper out on the floor sticky-side up and tape it down around the edges with duct tape. Place the objects on it and lift them off together. Gently place your baby’s palm down on the sticky surface. Repeat with bare feet. If your baby can eat pieces of dry cereal, add a few pieces to the sticky side. You can also tape the paper sticky-side out on the wall. Found¬†on Family Education website.

Water Play – use a¬†plastic tub with a few inches of water and add some waterplay equipment such as empty squeeze bottles, plastic cups, boats, funnels, balls, floating objects, plant sprayer, sponge or dish rag, etc. Babies love water, and you won’t need to give them directions except to set out the water and get playful. Add anything that seems interesting. Remember to never leave your baby unattended, even for a few moments. You can add a few drops of scented extract, such as lemon or peppermint. Or add a few drops of food coloring. Also on Family Education site.

Super Goop –¬†make the goop¬†by boiling¬†2 cups water, adding 1/2 a cup of cornstarch until smooth. Add¬†food coloring and stir – adjust the amount of food coloring until you get the color you want. Remove from heat and cool. Let your child squish away on the tabletop, or, for less mess (or younger children), pour the mixture into two Ziploc bags and seal. Also on Family Education site.

Water Bag – Fill a ziplock bag with water and various small items (buttons, paper clips, pegs, stickers), squish out all the air, zip and tape it up and watch as your little one plays with it. Just watch it if they’re teething though… Cam bit through one the other day! LOL! Found this over at The Activity Mom

I’ll try and think¬†of/find some more and might make this a regular thing ūüôā

What do you and your bub do?

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