Life is really easy right now. Our home is functional. We are all healthy mentally and physically. We are financially stable.

That aside, life isn’t just easy – it’s great. I almost feel like something has to go wrong soon to balance it all out.

Mike and I have always wanted 3 or 4 children. Pre-Cameron we were pretty set on 4 but now we are leaning more towards 3.

Pre-Cameron we were also thinking that we would have our children very close together (under 2 years apart).. But lately I, in particular, have been reluctant of this idea.

There are several reasons for this:

1) Fear of experiencing more depression and/or anxiety attacks (this factor would be present no matter what timing)
2) I am so enjoying Cameron and want this stage to last
3) Having one baby is my norm. I know what I’m doing. It’s nice.
4) I’m thinking that having Cameron at a stage of more independence and understanding will be beneficial.

The truth is, is that there are positives and negatives of any age gap but seeing this all typed out makes me more aware of OUR situation.

You may be wondering why on earth I’m worrying about this when my son isn’t even 8 months old. Well, initially October was going to be our first month of TTC.. & although my body is already helping with the decision (I don’t have my cycles back) it’s made us think. Now we’re thinking May next year – bit of a jump but it’s because we don’t want another December bubby.



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  1. You have a wonderful thing here Rach…Time… You are so lucky. What ever feels write for you and your family is the right decision. Remember now that you are on the meds when you fall pg you stay on them, maybe go to a lower dose and take advantage of those wonderful pg hormones and then as it gets closer to having bubs go up 25 mil higher and then another 25 mil again when bubs is born. I have many friends who have done this and there post birth experiences cant even be compared. If I was to have a fourth (which im not) thats what id do.Im not on meds now but id be on them towards the end of the pg and after.
    Three is beautiful and do able your outnumbered but I still feel like I can give them all enough of me 4 im not so sure.
    I cant wait for the next journey.

  2. My daughter just turned one August 1st and I am pregnant with our second ( a little boy) so when he is born they will be about 17 months apart. I think it really just depends on your situation and how you feel. I feel guilty at times when I think of how the new baby will take a little bit of attention away from Lillie but I wanted them to be close in age so they will be close in development and interests. Maybe if you don’t want to start TTC in October but you arent sure about May then go in the middle….start TTC in December so you might have an October baby! (my bday is in october haha) Just a suggestion. 🙂

  3. Elesha is right, you are fortunate to be young and have the option of larger age gaps between three or four children. I *personally* would wait that bit longer because I know I will want to be able to enjoy my baby whilst they are a baby. Of course I cannot speak from experience though :]

    I think one day in the not too distant future you will wake up and realise you are ready for another bubba. In the short time I’ve known you and read your blogs and watched your vlogs, you are in tune with your body and so when your body is ready you will be ready and the list of pros will outweigh the list of cons :]


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