Playdates & Fun

Top to bottom:

1) Cameron signing drink for the second time (he only signs Dadda and boobah in context but can sign drink and can wave and hi 5 when he wants to)

2) The abstract crinky buttony taggie turtle toy I made for Cam

3) The boys and bubbles at their playdate

4) Cam picked a flower

5) Happy boy

6) The peter rabbit garland I made for Cam

7) Felt toadstool I made to go with the owl

Stay tuned for some awesome new things coming up!!!

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One thought on “Playdates & Fun

  1. I love reading your blog — particularly since I have my own little Cameron at home (9.5 months), and we are doing lots of the same things that you and your family are doing. He just finished his first set of swimming lessons, and is working on crawling/walking.

    Loved the little felt owl — very cute! (but eyes would improve it, as you said).

    Anyway, just wanted you to know you have cyber-company. Can’t wait to read what happens next — I’m trying to figure out the first birthday theme for my Cam right now.

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