More Arty Stuff

I’m loving unwinding with craft lately. Hence the never-ending projects and my glee skipping through op shops and Spotlight.

There is something peaceful and nurturing about creating something. I love the mindlessness that comes with painting a blank canvas or the repetitive motions of craft.

I’ve decided to start making more decor for our home. I always put tonnes of thought into Cameron’s room and playroom but the rest of our house gets ignored. Well that’s no more!

I’ve decided to keep a similar theme to Cam’s (woodland) theme with regards to colour. The main colours will be robin’s egg blue (tiffany blue), olive green and chocolate brown. I already have a fair few things that match this theme as well as a lot of bird/nest/tree/leaves items that will fit in.

Tonight I made these:

The canvases were $1 each… cheap art! I made them all using acrylics.

I prepped the canvases with gesso, dried each layer with a hair dryer in between to speed things up. Then I painted the each of them a base colour of a blue I mixed to look like robin’s egg blue each with a different highlight colour (yellow, turquoise, brown, darker blue).

When that layer was dry I did a wash over with watered down robin’s egg blue and wiped it off with paper towel so that the highlight colour stood out. Then I flicked white onto the darker canvases, drew in some simple bird and birdcages silhouettes on the lighter two and flicked black onto them. Voila!
I also repainted a cheap frame to look shabby chic and framed some sheet music scrapbook paper and made a “Cameron’s Room” banner.
Current projects:
An mobile to hang from Cam’s roof in his nursery (using the felt owl and toadstool – I need to make another one of each)
Fingerpainted canvas by Cameron in his room colours using big square $4 canvas I scored
Party stuff (I have a fair bit of time for this :P)

Next weekend I’ll be able to show you the father’s day craft Cam and I did for Mike but for now it’s hush hush!

Also, I’ve made Cam’s first photo book (8″ by 8″ contemporary black background) that I’ll be able to pick up next weekend. It is all my fave photos of Cammy from birth to his 6 month party. Big W had them on sale for $9.90 and I can collect it for free from our local store. Nice!

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