To My 8 Month Old Baby Boy

Dear Cameron

Two thirds of the way to a year old already. How did that happen?!

I can’t help but marvel at you everyday as you show more and more of the gorgeous person that you are and continue to grow and grow. You blow me away daily with the little things you pick up and how happy you make us. Daddy is always saying how happy you make him and everytime I nod and agree. You are beautiful.

You so desperately want to be a big boy. You’re so tiny and sweet but you open drawers, open cupboards, clean things with wipes, crawl around (mostly commando still lately because you like the tiles) so fast, pull yourself up to stand and bop up and down.

You are still not that keen on food. You’re much more of a boobavarian. You enjoy feeding yourself small amounts of food but smearing it all over yourself and the high chair is much more fun! You have taken to crawling up to me, feeding and crawling away which is so funny.

You love your bath time. You like to stand up and play with the taps and you would rather play with your body wash bottle than the toys we have for you. You hate getting dry and dressed afterwards and try and crawl away the whole time!

You crawled off the mat at swimming for the first time last week! I was so proud of you! You grinned at me in the way that makes my heart smile when I said “You did it!!”. I love it when I can see your pride.

You are starting to like Phoebe and crawl up to the screen door and sit and ‘talk’ to her. You have always loved Little Man and you continue to cuddle him (and hit him over the head with your rattle, poor sweetie!) and smile when you see him. You love when we go for walks with Phoebe – you bend down and watch her the whole time.

You have taken to enjoying turning the pages of board books. You love the “That’s Not My…” book series and will find them on the shelf and pull them down. Your favourite toy is probably your wooden cars closely followed by the wooden shape sorter which you like using as a garage for your trucks and cars. You’re so adorable.

You’re more vocal this month than any other by far. You make a lot of sounds with ‘g’ and ‘b’ and love blowing raspberries saying ‘booooo’.

Your hair is certainly lighter and is a definite blond. It looks like candy floss in the mornings. You have lovely long dark lashes which look so cute when they’re wet.

You are obsessed with waving in the past week. You wave at ‘blinky’ (the sensor alarm in the corner of our room) as well as the tv, strangers and everyone we know. You also do this thing where you put your hand into pincer grip and swing it horizontally back and forth like you’re drawing with a pencil. I call you mini-maestro.

You will randomly hi 5 us now but you’re very selective as to what deserves a hi 5 šŸ˜›

You are better in the car now and are happy so long as you have your car toys (mobile phone, taggie and grip rattle). Sometimes I have to bribe you with my wallet or a plain bikkie though!

You love phones and remotes. You play with my blackberry. I have an app that locks the screen and each button shows up the corresponding colourful letter of the alphabet on a blue sky screen in kiddy voices which makes you grin all shy.

You have the best posture. It’s so freaking cute! You sit up all tall and make us feel bad. You are all proper and sweet.

You’re just such a happy darling boy! Each morning I’m greeted with a beautiful cheeky grin and your excitedly bounce on your knees. You now follow me around the house (have to keep the floors extra clean!) as I get myself breaky in the morning and you ‘help’ me with my chores.

You get very upsetĀ whenĀ I leave the room too fast. I tell you what I’m doing – I can’t wait until you understand! You’re a very clingy bubby and in some ways you’re so little. You’re certainly a skinny mini and it doesn’t matter what I do to bulk you up you burn it off!

You laugh when I say “I’mma getcha!” and you’re now very ticklish (especially your ribs and neck!). You giggle a lot at Dadda, particularly when he head bangs at you. You still love being worn as a hat and being a wittle genie. I love all our little inside jokes and nuances. You are so charismatic my boy.

I love how cuddly you are. I love how sometimes only I will do. I love how you crawl desperately towards me and cling onto me. I can feel your love. I love protecting you and how you know that “Mumma’s got you”.

You’ve almost completely grown out of your small baby beehind magic-alls. We have some mediums on order now.

You have taken more of a liking to Dadda (I mean, you’ve always loved him but you’ve always been a strongly devoted Mumma’s boy!) and will sometimes cry when he leaves in the morning for work. It’s the most gorgeous thing!

It blows me away to think that you are only going to get more and moreĀ interactive. I am just so very lucky to be able to call you mine. We are so blessed.

I simply love that I have the rest of my life to get to know the little person that you are. I love that I get to spend my days with you – teaching you things and having fun with you. I hope that you grow up feeling secure and happy within yourself and your life.

Cameron, you have the very best of me. You are my sunshine.

Love you always

Your Mumma xxxx

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4 thoughts on “To My 8 Month Old Baby Boy

  1. Awww – that was very sweet.
    They go through so many changes, particularly in their first year, and I’m sure you’ll love that you have them documented like this in many years to come. x

  2. That was beautiful! I had a tear reading it. My lil man Oliver (Ollie) is 7 months old and alot of what he wrote relates to where he is at physically and emotionally. More importantly you just portrayed in words the immense feelings I too share for my Ollie. Thankyou for your blogs. xoxox

  3. So sweet. Im just so sad how quick the first year goes. My little man is wearing size 1 in somethings and hes only 7&1/2mnths old. I get sad when I pack away more of his clothes .Especially as I know they are not coming out again.

    Sighs they really are just little balls of happiness.

  4. What a sweet post! I have been following your blog since you first started TTC. I am so happy that you have your adorable little man, and you seem like such a great Mom! It is hard to see the changes leading our little ones away from babyhood. I look at my almost 4 year old and wonder where the time goes. Each age has it’s own adorableness and wonder! Enjoy every moment!

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