My Skinny Mini

So it’s no secret that I over-analyse and that I am a worrier… But in the past month I’ve became increasingly worried about Cameron’s weight.

Every single time I’m out and about I get people saying the same thing (aside from “he’s so cute!” and “how old is he?” and “he’s active isn’t he?”) which is undoubtedly “he’s petite/skinny/little isn’t he?”.

It’s usually said in a friendly way, without malice or hurtful intent… and each time I just smile and nod and say something along the lines of “yeah, he’s just built like that”

But part of me sinks a little and I store it away into the mummy-guilt-pocket in my brain where I know I’ll continue to feed the worry that I’m somehow doing something wrong by him.

He’s a decent eater but certainly not a big eater by any means. He gets a good combination of proteins, carbs and good fats and guzzles breastmilk like it’s the nectar of the Gods.

But he also is always on the move crawling, bouncing, standing, climbing, scooting… you get the picture. He has a fast metabolism and burns those calories like it’s his job.

So I casually made a doctors appointment the other day. & today I worked myself up into a frenzy of guilt-induced-fear where I said things like “I’m an awful Mum!” “He’s malnourished!” “I must make skim milk!” “I’m going to start giving him formula!” “I’ve been so ignorant!” as time grew nearer to his appointment.

Let me firstly say that my doctor is awesome. I’m happy to travel the 20 mins and wait to see her instead of going around the corner because she knows me, she gets me and she gets what I need.

She was there when I found out that I had lost Ollie. She was the one holding my hand saying “you can do this”. She was the one who was proactive and helped me as we TTC again. She was the one who quietly rejoiced with me when my bloods came back positive. She was the one who said “is that Rachel? Yeah, put her through” and told me my HCG levels over the phone each time while I was pregnant with Cameron because she knew that I just.couldn’t.wait.

& she saw me at my worst, in those dark days when I was a shell of myself clinging to a piece of paper outlining how I was feeling throughout my anxiety attacks – who helped me and never judged me. She smiles wide every time she sees us and let’s Cameron play with her instruments. She’s awesome.

Anyway, today she saw it in my eyes… that on-the-edge-ness. She went through the usual checks with him and said in her sweet English accent “Okay… so he’s grown heaps in height since his 6 month check up and his head circumference is spot on. You are right, he hasn’t put on much weight… but let’s put this into perspective. You and your husband were skinny babies. He’s obviously very active *says as he’s racing across the room to bang the scales with a tool of hers* but healthy. I’m going to refer you to a paediatrician just to make sure all is well but he’s still well within normal ranges, particularly for an active breastfed baby”

Relief. So he’s only 7.5 kgs (10th percentile in the red book but 15th on breastfed charts) but is 72 cm long. My skinny mini. Considering I was 15 kilograms when I was 5 years old (weighed when I got my massive tonsils and adenoids removed which made it harder for me to eat and breath at the same time) I guess he’s just following in our foot steps?

I think babies grow how they grow and my boy is healthy… But I’ll probably continue to worry… because that’s part of my job as a Mumma.


7 thoughts on “My Skinny Mini

  1. Sounds like an exact replica of what I went through with my youngest.

    She was born big (4350 grams), but soon settled into a healthy breastfed baby, who didnt pile on the kilos (like bottlefed) but gradually gained weight in the rise/ plateau / rise pattern.

    At 8 months she was 7.3kgs dressed and 6.850 bare.

    We didnt turn her car seat around till 14 months because we were waiting for her to reach the magic 9kg mark.

    Now at nearly 6, she’s only 18 kgs! so still in the 5 point harness in her Maxirider. She’s a very good eater and I’ve been lucky that we’ve never had to battle with food.

    I’m sure when you see the paediatrician he/she will tell you that you’ve done a fantastic job and Cameron’s a well nourished active bub!

  2. I hear exactly what your son, Tom was exactly the same as Cameron. From being 6mths old I worried about him eating and being really thin and it got to the point where I was worrying so much that I wasn’t enjoying him as much as I should have. Meal times got stressfull when it should have been fun.

    Thomas is nearly 13years old now and he is one of the thinest in his class and he’s not very tall either. People comment on his weight all the time. I used to worry for years and years about it but I realised that you know what we are all different shapes and sizes anyway and if they are eating the right things and are healthy why worry! Worry when they have no energy, don’t want to play, don’t want to eat at all and when they start to lose weight. Tom is hardly ever ill…I can count on 1 hand the amount of times he’s been ill and then it’s never been anything serious, he has more energy than anyone I know so that has to be a good thing right. Some just eat more than others and a big baby is not always a healthy baby.

    I saw ur latest vlog of him playing and crawling around…looks fine to me, loads of energy, happy and sooo cute. Relax about it coz at the end of the day that is just how your little boy is and he will grow up just fine and have good eating habits. (((huggs)))

  3. I had the same anxiety–but the opposite. Everyone commented how HUGE my kid was. I was like “man must be my breastmilk is super calorie rich” I didn’t feel like I was overfeeding her, but she was constantly in the 99th percentile! My doc kind of said the same to me–me and my husband are 5’10” bigger built people, what kind of baby did we expect? The doc. constantly assured me that because she was heavy AND tall that she was fine and I was doing everything right–but that doesn’t make you feel better when people comment all the time! Hang in there, you’re doing a great job!

  4. This sounds like my little man. Born 2.8kgs he is now 7.5moths and weighs only 5.9kg. We too have been going to regular peadiatrician appointments and I have also felt the same guilt and well meant but hurtful comments for strangers. Ollie is breastfed also and loves his solids but is as the peadiatrician puts it “a healthy but petite little man”. I also felt the guilt you explained and considered putting him on formula multiple times however I am proud of myself and my mummy instinct that I trusted and knew that my boy is just right as he is. Im sure cameron is just fine hun, trust your instincs, you know your son better than anyone else. xoxox

  5. I had to giggle when you said “Im making skim milk” Rach you will think your doing something wrong for eternity it NEVER ends sorry to tell you. Everyday there is something I wonder about. Mothers Guilt its exhaustingx

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