The Father’s Day weekend went so well. Cam, Mike and I had a beautiful lazy weekend.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday (the day before) which we spent at Noosa with Mike’s grandad and Mike’s Mum’s family. We shared the most delicious vegetarian pizza. Cameron was such a sweetheart and gave everyone cuddles. We were pleasantly surprised at how nonchalant he was about being passed around and the constant photos.

The drive was long but the sunshine and a well-behaved little munchkin (well, well-behaved for him in the car… there were a few tears) made for a lovely trip.

Sunday was less appealing weather-wise but we had a big sleep in then set off for lunch at Toscani’s and a day of shopping. We came home and snuggled up for a movie while we ate dinner and Cam fell asleep in our arms. It was perfect.


Cameron has taken to liking his tunnel (blue one from ikea) and now crawls through it at random while we spend time in his playroom. We have been doing some montessori-inspired activities with him (cup and ball, paper scrunching and a simplified ring stacking activity) which he enjoys.

Cam also has said his first discernable word! Whilst it’s not yet in context really he said “Dadda” which made us both beam! He hasn’t stopped saying it all day 😛 He is babbling a lot more lately.

We went to the op shop recently and I got some awesome book ends and a lamp for Cam’s woodland-themed room. It’s almost finished now, I just have to make his reading corner, move his bookcase in there and finish his mobile to hang from the roof. There will be photos!

I’m also going to put Cammy-level bookcases or shelves in each of the rooms he frequents with select toys/books/activities so that he can pick and chose and everything has it’s place (montessori-inspired).

I’ve been finding the most gorgeous things for Cameron when he’s a toddler for imaginative play – particularly natural wooden items on etsy – WANT! I’ve decided on everything for his first birthday (aside from the location which I’m not 100% on yet!) and know what all the kiddies are going to get as favours! So fun!

We went to the park today after Cam’s afternoon nap after swimming. We got some smiles out of strangers as I rolled down the hill while Cam giggled like mad – so adorable!

How was your father’s (or hubby’s) father’s day???

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2 thoughts on “Fun

  1. As you know, Finn was a monty kid for several years. I love the philosophy, especially in early years. It set Finn up so well for school. We transferred to mainstream school this year (Gr 1 – post monty cycle 1) – and he is cruising. We loved it, but for the fees we were paying, we disagreed with where the money was going. Very sad 😦 Still, the 3 and a bit years he had there was great and I intend to send RJ for her pre school years too.

    He is so sweet, and I love how much you are enjoying your every day with him. Just gorgeous! xx

    • I think that the philosophies are great but it is expensive although I think they thrive for good reason. Do you practice montessori in the home much? Finn is so clever and sweet, I’ve always loved reading how he’s doing.

      It’s so great to be where I’m at now. Thanks so much for reading Kel! ❤

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