Those Moments

So the last blog was actually meant to contain words but I got side-tracked getting ready to go see my sister, nephew and niece who are down from Emerald (and hopefully moving back!) Please keep your fingers tightly crossed for my brother-in-law who has an interview tomorrow!

There is something truly devine about watching cousins play together. I think it’s because you just *know* that these are the moments that are going to be *those* memories in the future.

Jayka and Jolee adore Cameron and he adores them right back. There’s cheeky grins, cuddles, giggles and playing all ’round and it just makes my heart feel so flipping full! They are too sweet together!


With Cam’s room I still have to make a reading corner where the poang (chair) is. I’ve got two kids stools which I’m going to make into toadstools with some artwork at Cam’s level and an owl pillow. I also have a half-finished mobile to hang from the roof that I’ve sewn with owls and toadstools.

In his playroom we are heightening that coffee table, painting it white and putting baskets for different activities in the slots (playdough, crafts, etc) and putting a big board up that we’ll paint with blackboard paint for him to draw on.

Anyway, I’ll put a description of each of the pictures in the gallery of my last post (left to right, top to bottom):

1. Michael’s first Father’s Day gift framed in our office
2. My repainted antiqued frame in office
3. Cameron’s door sign I made
4. View of Cam’s room from door
5. View of cot
6. Peter rabbit garland I made from a double of a little golden book
7. Repainted clock I got on sale
8. Repainted and repurposed frame
9. Toadstool mirrors above Cam’s change table (he loves these!)
10. Woodlands alphabet print
11. Op shop scored tree lamp and branch book ends
12. Styrofoam toadstools I made on a grass book (from typo store)
13. Repainted tree
14. Mothering deer and squirrel prints with scrapbooked backing framed
15. Baby deer and baby raccoon prints with scrapbooked backing framed
16. Bookcase view with baskets of toys for Cameron (I’ll add to these)
17. Mirrors (ikea) at Cam’s level next to toy drawers (with blackboards)
18. Bookcase in playroom
19. Another view of playroom wall
20. Jumperoo and toys in playroom
21. Coffee table that we’re painting, heightening and using as a play table (chairs to come)  in playroom
22. Cameron’s first canvas which I’ve painted the words “Cameron’s Art” onto and glued twine (two strings) onto with little pegs to display future artwork in playroom
23. and 24. More views of his room

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