I Went & Did It

I did the bad thing. The thing you’re not meant to do.

Back in this post I talked about how fat ain’t cute and how I was embarking on Operation Fatty Boomsticks Sexy Mumma. Well… clearly that failed. I went bralkogging (brisk walk/jogging… yeah, I made it up) twice and Mrs Excuses promptly made a shameless return.

I continue to think things like at least I haven’t gained any more weight and white chocolate is good and exercising is for lamey mclameingtons because it’s easier than actually losing weight, stopping my sweet-tooth-binges and getting off my ass.

For those of you (who are so lovely and I do big toothy grins with double thumbs up and toyota jumps for) who say “Rachel, you are a sexy Mumma, you don’t need to worry” I want to say quit enabling me (heh heh jokes) I have a BMI of oh-crap-I-can’t-believe-I’m-admitting-this 27.5 which is not in the healthy range and it all ultimately comes down to health.

So, back to what I was saying… I did the bad thing. I’ve been squeezing into old clothes or wearing daggy maternity clothing for too long. So I went and bought the size up. Yep, I admitted defeat.

We’re off tomorrow morning for our first family mini-holiday near the beach and I thought, if the weather is good, I should wear a tee and *gasp* shorts. But I can’t fit my pre-Mum shorts anymore. And not in a “ooh, these are a bit tight” way but in a “these only come up to me knees” way.

The last holiday we went on was our honeymoon almost 2 years ago and I had this smokin’ bod (lol):

& I remember feeling ‘fat’ and insecure then… 13 kgs ago.

Although I’ve bought these clothes I have decided to not focus on weight loss but just to put more emphasis on healthy living and moderation. I’m not too great at the moderation thing.

I’ve been vegetarian for over a couple of months now so I’ve been pretty good with meals but drinks and snacks have been out of whack. So it’s time for an overhaul.

I’m not making any promises. A couple of months from now I may be updating on how big my booty has grown but lets hope that I start making positive changes and I’m feeling motivated.

I’m still not motivated regarding exercise though. I don’t know, I never have been… Any tips?

Off to holiday! We’re going to some craft markets and too a special place (revealed soon just incase the BFFs BF is snooping… although I doubt he reads my blogs :P)

Video and paper-making tutorial to come!

Thank you for the lovely private messages and emails regarding my other post and {As Nature Intended}. I really do have the most beautiful readers and viewers!

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