Refreshed & The Freshy

Our mini holiday was just what we needed. There will be photos.

We spent 4 blissful days at the beach ignoring the time, enjoying great vegetarian food, playing board games, laughing (a lot), going to the awesome eumundi markets, walking along beaches looking at crabs/snails/hermit crabs/fish out on the rocks, playing with Silv and Justin’s rats Creamy and Muffin, visiting eels, spending a brilliant fun-filled day at Australia Zoo, going to the lake and beach and building sandcastles in the heat.

It was refreshing.

Australia Zoo was my favourite part. Cameron patted a koala and some kangaroos. He loved the birds and crawled after a little kangaroo but wasn’t so sure of the koalas and didn’t see what the fuss was about with the crocodiles.

It was great seeing Terry, Bindi and Bob and patting koalas, lizards, birds, kangaroos, and wombats. We saw the tiniest baby koala (only a few months old) and a big baby wombat with it’s leg hanging out of it’s mamas pouch as she lugged him about on her walk. There were red pandas, otters, exotic birds, snakes, farm animals, tasmanian devils, echidnas, cheetahs, elephants, tigers and loads of crocs. It exceeded my already high expectations.

Cameron spent the holiday slowly starting to refuse solid foods as I watched him drool and knaw on his hand and saw his gum get inflammed and red – tooth #7 is making an appearance.

This entire week Cameron has been feeding like a newborn. He doesn’t want ANY food – just Mumma-milk and LOTS of it. I’m exhausted, if I’m totally honest. It’s like I’m dealing with a freshy all over again minus the anxiety attacks and what-the-hell-am-I-doing-ness.

One bonus of this extreme-feeding is that I’m getting loads of Cammy kisses (he kisses on demand now – too cute) and get to see him playing boobah-drunk-baby.

Despite feeding like a newborn he’s certainly not acting like one. He is constantly standing and has just started scaling furniture. He is waving at everyone at baby rhyme time and crawling up to other babies and socialising with them while I watch on from the other side of the room. He’s into everything – opening draws, cupboards, lids and pressing buttons on everything.

My nine month old – YES 9 month old! – is so inquisitive and sweet and watching him express himself is hilarious. We’re still dealing with bumps and bruises as he is shakey on his legs despite all the practice.

So fingers crossed the refusal of solids stops soon and that this tooth appears and my baby stops hurting himself…. wish me luck!


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