“You look happy”
“I am”

Cameron is starting to really come into his own lately. He just seems more confident, social and independent. Sure, he’s still my clingy bub but he’s been suprising me.  

For instance, he crawled up to his kindergym instructor and gave her a cuddle after only having met her once. He adores my sister and is happy for me to do whatever I like while she plays with him. He loves playing alone with his cousins.

I was baking the other day and taking care of my nephew and niece when I was witness to the sweetest thing… I hear pitter pattering on the tiles and giggles and see three little bodies crawling around the corner. Cameron was in the middle, very chuffed while Jo’lee chuckled along crawling beside him and Jayka counted their ‘steps’ together as he crawled on the other side. It made my sigh and as I kneaded dough and asked Cameron what he was doing I realised I felt super-duper-Mumsy.

It’s so lovely spending time with my nephew and niece. Jayka kills me with his cuteness. Like how he calls watermelon “naughtymelon” (nothing to do with it being ‘naughty’… just how he pronounces it) and how they both circle me as we play “I’ma getcha!”. Jayka has taken an interest in me breastfeeding Cameron:

“Hi Te-Raychoo, whatcha doin Te-Raychoo?”
“I’m feeding Cameron special milk”

& so he now asks and talks about ‘special milk’ a lot and is so adorable. He’s very inquisitive about Cameron.

Cameron has gained more weight (and has started eating a bit more… which is great because he was managing next-to-nothing for a while there) and has finally hit 8 kgs! Big accomplishment for him but still very modest compared to the ‘average’

I on the other hand have been losing weight. I’m down 2.5 kgs and counting and doing my best to be healthy and get fit.

Cameron now dances when he hears fun music. His dancing is really just bouncing with conductor hands but it’s pretty much the cutest freaking thing ever.

He’s loving birds at the moment and signs bird whenever he sees one. He even signed bird when he saw a bird figurine in the shop the other day. We aren’t sure if it’s coincidence or not but he’s also said “bih” when signing it a couple of times.

His clearest signs that are used in context regularly are definitely “Dadda” (which he has said verbally too in context) and “finished” which is almost always used in conjunction with his dislike for solid food. Although “boobah” (milk) and “Mum” are signed infrequently and he waves a lot but rarely in context. Our latest signs that I’ve introduced are cat, book and ball which are the things he’s taking a lot of interest in recently.

Speaking of signing, I won the “Sign It, Baby!” DVD giveaway on Hip Little One which I’m super stoked about! It’s an Australian baby sign language DVD and I’m so looking forward to getting it and seeing how it is.

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