Almost 10 Months

My boy is almost 10 months old! I know everyone says it but I just cannot believe how fast he’s growing up! Lately he’s been doing such little-boy-things. I catch him ‘reading’ a book by himself, trying to unscrew a lid, interacting with other babies and so on and I just think “wow” this time last year I hadn’t even met him. Now I can’t even fathom my life without him.

The difficulty in the car has been solved by rings attached to baby car keys. Driving is now an enjoyable thing! I wish I had have tried it earlier although I’m not sure that it would have got his attention until now anyway.

We have started up at Kindergym where he’s attending a crawler class twice a week. He is the only boy which is rare; most activities that we go to is mostly boys. He is loving it and learning lots of little things. He’s developing skills that we already work on at home but also other things that I hadn’t considered or do not have the resources for here. It’s so cute to watch him work things out (they have fine motor skill activities) and play with the girls.

We got our baby sign dvd the other day and it’s aimed at teaching me more which is great. Cameron is signing Dad, Milk (boobah), bird, finished, hello, bye and up. He’s saying Dadda, Mum (even though I say “mama”) and bird (“bir” while signing). We’re still working on ball, bath, and car. I am so proud of my boy. Signing is second nature to me now.

We have just restocked our freezer full of foods for Cam. It is so full! His breakfasts are:
1. Apple, strawberry, prune and dried apricot puree with baby vanilla yoghurt, baby muesli and flaxseed.
2. Pear, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry with baby vanilla yoghurt, banana rice cereal and almond meal.
3. [make on day] healthy banana pancakes

His lunches/dinners are:
1. Chickpeas and rice with swede, corn and brocolli.
2. Lentils and quinoa with chia seeds, pumpkin, sweet potato and pea.
3. Cheesey pasta with carrot, zucchini, beans and tomato.
4. [make on day] pasta spirals with avocado mix

He is loving these and eating really well since I’ve made them. He still doesn’t eat loads but he’s eating way more and enjoying meal times lately. It’s such a relief! He’s still breastfeeding regularly (6-7 times in a 24 hour period)

Our biggest milestone is that Cameron now can stand alone for 5 or so seconds at a time!! He’s also making progress with walking with help and scaling furniture to get certain things. He looks too tiny to be standing by himself! The first time he did I almost missed it and my sister and friend were with him as I ran to catch the last two seconds. It’s too cute!

Cameron is constantly pulling himself up on furniture and is a pro at lowering himself down to a seated position with such control. He’s constantly pulling at my legs and standing and watching whatever I’m doing.

Anyway, here’s some recent shots of us:

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3 thoughts on “Almost 10 Months

  1. Rach, how did you guys get into signing? It’s something I’d love to start with my little guy but have no idea when you start, how to start what to do AAHHHHH!!!!!!

    • Hi Sarah 🙂

      I used to sign Makaton with a baby with Down Syndrome that I was a nanny to so I was quite used to a few of the signs and signing in general. Once I had Cam, I got a baby sign language book from the library and googled resources to learn some of the basic signs. We have ended up using American sign language for a couple of signs as I’ve found they are easier for Cam. The most helpful thing for me was watching youtube videos for inspiration.

      We started with easy signs like Dad and all done. Once he started attempting signs and signing back we have been slowly introducing more. The key I think is to use a combination of helpful one’s for you (finished, more, wait, etc) as well as things that interest bub (ball, car, animals, etc) and to be consistent.

      I’ll do a little blog on it me thinks 😛

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