All I’m hearing lately is “Mum… Mum… Mum” by a cheeky little someone. He crawls around wherever I go and clear-as-day says “Mum” except for when he’s upset… then it’s “Mamamamaaaa”.

Cameron with his Aunty Vicki, sporting some seriously cute chooky hair (wet from pool and dried funny :P)

He’s been much cheekier lately (nice word for ‘naughty’) with testing boundaries and making sharp noises when he doesn’t get his way (nice way of saying mini-tantrum). He has to learn these things though.

Cam is no longer sick and 100% better. I, however, got very sick and am sporting a very sexy hoarse voice. Thankfully I’m in no pain anymore and feel great but not having much of a voice is hard – I use my voice SO much with Cam! Now Mike is sick too. Oh, we have been in the wars!

I’ve been obsessed with Christmas in these past few days. The Christmas decorations at the mall have sent me into a frenzy of ideas for stocking stuffers and what-not and must-have-lists.

I’m thinking that his stocking will have:
– a hand-knitted doll
this matchbox car travel mat (with cars)
– a little sweet
– a self-inking stamp
– some Elmo stickers

I’ve bought a gorgeous toddler wooden iron and ironing board for pretend play for Cam for christmas, some blackboard spray paint for decorating his playroom. I’m on the look out for a montessori-inspired toddler sized broom/mop/play kitchen/etc that’s affordable. He’s certainly not ready for it all yet but he will be getting into it before his next birthday/Christmas.

I made my way over to Matilda markets this morning and got a couple of bits and pieces for Cam’s christmas and birthday (a hand-knitted boy doll with knitted overalls – cute!, some red-and-white polkadot napkins from Details Details for his birthday party and some prints from Poss & Wom)

What are your early plans for Christmas??

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One thought on “Mum

  1. Love your blog Racheous! Just letting you know I voted for you, goodluck!

    You have really got me thinking about Christmas now too! I haven’t started any shopping yet! Time to get started.

    Helen from Poss & Wom

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