My Tot

Lately my baby has been doing less-than-baby-like things. I’m feeling increasingly like the Mum of a toddler and I’m not sure what to think of it.

Cam has started scaling furniture all the time and stand without support occassionally. He just keeps blowing me away with new words and comprehension of words.

Today we were at the park and he started pointing and saying “doh doh” and I looked to see he was showing me a dog. He’s recognised dogs recently but never vocalised.

He really makes me so proud of him. How does he get that dogs are dogs? With all their variation in breeds, sizes and colours? Things like that amaze me.

His favourite game at the moment (aside from peekaboo – sure fire winner!) is “where is the/your ___?” dog/bird/duck/cat/fish/dog/block/book/ball/elmo and you see him start searching, locate the item and bring it to me. (notice the strong animal theme? 😛 he adores animals)

He’s started sharing – including feeding us and giving dolls a drink (he has a doll named Doug that he particularly favours as well as Elmo or “Mo” as he calls him)

He claps now (last thing on the list of basics like waving, pointing, etc) but it’s sloppy and hilarious. It’s like he’s saying “whatever, see Mum, I can do it – can we move on now?”

He went through a stage just last week where he kept saying “Rachel” (quite clearly too!) after hearing his cousin say it so much and obviously realising my reaction to it but thank goodness I haven’t heard him say it in the past couple of days (I’m “Mum” thank you very much!)

It was so cute at kindergym today – he used the rings that they get them to put on the witches-hats and put them around his neck like necklaces.

Isn’t he perfect?

He really isn’t responding to signing so much recently. He’s much more interested in exploring and attempting to talk by the sounds of things.

It is so hilarious how Cameron dances – he looks so silly thrusting his hips and bending his knees with such an accomplished and excited facial expression with enthusiastic noises. He makes me laugh!

We have been borrowing library books and I’m loving having new exciting books to read with Cam. He’s still most interested in turning the pages himself and pointing at the pictures. It’s very sweet.

I am in disbelief that Cammy is almost 11 months old! I’m desperately attempting to get things rolling for his first Christmas and 1st birthday party!  There is just an enormous amount to do! More updates to come on that!

It’s no wonder I’m getting cluckier really – my baby is quickly becoming a toddler! My little tot is wow-ing me daily with his new skills and I’m just in love and loving every nano-second. Being a Mumma to this gorgeous boy is the best job in the universe ❤

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3 thoughts on “My Tot

  1. Hey, snap! I just stumbled into your blog and found our babies are almost the same age (nearly, nearly 11 months, mine) and it was really fun to compare what they are both up to. They are different of course. Anya doesn’t have too many words (mostly she does animal sounds and lots of baby signs) but on the other hand she has been clapping like a trooper for ages. Babies are like that, ei? They all learn in their own time, perfectly.

    Lovely to parachute in on your blog. Now, I’m gonna roll back and look at some of your other posts, too 🙂

  2. Looks like you’re leaving “baby-time” behind. Don’t worry though, the next 3-4 years were my favorites when mine were young. They get so chatty, are interested in everything and haven’t learned how to be cheeky yet. FAB.

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