First Birthday Plans

Well it is December and Cam’s party plans are well on the way. I love reading about other peoples party plans and seeing idea boards and what not so I thought I’d give my readers a taste of Cameron’s 1st birthday bash!

The Front

The Inside

I made the invitations and am so glad they are completed as I’ve been designing and re-designing them for too long to admit. The inside invite card is removeable and has a magnet on the back as well as some extra info behind it.

Did I mention that I adore party planning? My blog roll consists of a lot of party inspiration blogs/shops and I’m one who loves details ❀ I love themes for parties!

Cameron’s birthday is Woodlands themed (think trees, leaves, acorns, toadstools, nests, owls, squirrels, deer, and hedgehogs) and I’m really lucky to have a cake-making-and-decorating friend of the family and my BFF works at a balloon/party store. So well… that helps!

The main colours will be green, brown and red polka (toadstool). I’m thinking the food will be:

Woodlands cookies (bird/toadstool/owl/acorn)
Chocolate birds ‘nests’
& obviously candy and the cake

Rustic pies
“Snail” rolls
Egg + tomato “toadstools”
As well as chips, pretzel sticks and nuts

We are having his party at a park which has a tot pool and sand playground as well as great shading and parking so all we have to hope is that it doesn’t rain!

Stay tuned for a Christmas post!

How did/are/would you celebrate your little ones first birthday????

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3 thoughts on “First Birthday Plans

  1. I love reading your posts – probably because I have my own little Cameron (who looks a little bit like yours), and they are doing so many of the same things, it’s a joy to read about another Cameron half way around the world.

    We are here in the Washington DC area, and my Cam’s birthday was November 5th. Around here, it’s pretty chilly that time of year, so the party has to stay indoors. Cam’s broke out his first signing word a few weeks before the party, which was “Dog.” He amazes me because unlike most kids who shorten the slap-snap sign to just a couple of slaps on the thigh (since it’s much easier), Cam decided to do the snap part instead. So he snaps continuously when he sees the two dogs that live with us (they belong to my cousin).

    IN any case, his birthday party then became a puppy themed party, and I had one of his Kindermusik teachers come and teach a little music class for the 5 kids who attended, and all the songs focused on dogs.

    For food, we had mini cocktail hotdogs in puff pastry, and mini grilled cheese sandwiches, since the kids love them. For sweet stuff, we had “puppy chow” (chex mix with chocolate and peanut butter melted over it — don’t know if this is just an American thing), puppy shaped cookies, and cupcakes that were decorated with 4 different kinds of puppy faces. While they took quite a while to do ( I found good instructions on-line for making the different dog decorations), the “pupcakes” turned out really well. And Cam loved having lots of people to play with, and icing and cake to try to gobble at the appropriate time.

    It was a wonderful day, even though it was planned in a very short time frame.

  2. So cute! I can’t believe he’s making a year. I remember last year waiting to hear about Cameron’s birth. It’s been such a crazy time for your family. You have so many reasons to celebrate! I hope his birthday is everything you want it to be!

  3. Looks fantastic! Those invites are SO sweet πŸ™‚ I remember this time last year, guessing if he’d arrive before Christmas or not!

    I have SO much fun planning the parties for my two. We did a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme for his first, and a Carnival theme for her first. Such fun!

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