Just My Life Lately

Ummm… you know how I harped on about “firsts” in my previous post… well GUESS WHO TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS?!?!?!?! Yes! Cammy took those first precious steps just after my last update!

He’s now cruising furniture and standing up without pulling up on anything and is getting steadier. He’s still yet to take more than a few steps and is wobbly but we are SO proud!

His latest cuteness involves: Answering the question “What sound does a cow make Cam?” with the funniest little “moooooo” and is REALLY good at saying and listening to “ta” when handing something over (unless he really really wants it!)

Right now, life is just amazing. With Christmas this weekend, Cam’s first birthday next Friday and his party the Saturday after that I’m feeling overwhelmed in a good way. THESE are the moments. The freaking unicorn-farting-rainbows moments that make the cynical side of you feel like you’re getting lamer with everytime you say “beautiful” “magical” or “blessed”. But life is beautiful and magical and I am without-a-doubt blessed.

***DISCLAIMER: Below is just me rattling on about my fish which I’m obsessed about. Feel free to skip!***

For Christmas I got Michael a fish tank set up (amongst other things that are more of a surprise! LOL) which my BFF is going to fill with a red devil that will grow to fill that tank eventually but may look a tad uncool on his/her lonesome.

Anyway, we were cycling the tank and advised to get some hardier fish to help the process and Michael made the mistake of allowing me to choose which ones (which would most likely die or get eaten by his fish eventually). I picked the most colourful pretty platy and almost immediately became attached to them.

Mike knew he was doomed when he caught me talking to them and calling them by name. Mike then surprised me and bought me a little tank set up second hand for them (three girl platys I later found out) and I got to researching and cycling that tank.

I did the usual over-eager-beginner thing and bought more fish straight away. I bought a male platy, a gorgeous blue dwarf gourami male and 3 albino corydora.

The dwarf gourami ‘Cobalt’ died pretty quickly after the platy harrassed it and it got stressed (both myself and the staff at the aquarium were sure that it’d be around the other way but I just so happened to pick a very timid dwarf gourami!)

I then did more research on platys and found out that they are very easy to breed and are livebearers (give birth to live fry AKA baby fishies) when I realised that my prettiest fish ‘Violet’ was getting fat.

I moved the fish slowly into their new tank after it cycled and Violet gave birth the next night (last night) and I could only see two fry. I watched as ‘Sunny’ (the other pregnant female platy) ate the biggest fry and I couldn’t find the others. Violet then died with a fry stuck in her birth canal 😦

I got Mike to help me isolate the fry and realised that there were more! I found one in the filter even though it was protected – it was just super small! All in all six fry have survived! Pretty exciting for me raising fry. Any fish lovers out there???

***End of fish rant***

Anyway… Tomorrow I am so looking forward to my first Cam-less dinner out with some Mummy-friends who are just awesome! We’re having Thai and Mike will look after Cameron for me! Wowee!

Still working on that Christmas blog post. How are you celebrating Christmas this year??


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