I started my pre-Christmas celebrations with a high level of enthusiasm. I brought Christmas cards, presents and decorations well before they were needed. I brought jars and ribbons and what not to decorate the jars to make Cookies for Santa in for friends and family. I carefully wrote out the messages in the Christmas cards and addressed them and stamped them. I neatly layered the cookie ingredients in the jars and wrapped the presents.

I even made sure I taste-tested the cookie recipe… Which is very serious business.

But, come Christmas Eve and there was STILL a neat pile of Christmas cards to be delivered and rows of Cookies for Santa that were not yet labelled, prettified or delivered. Oh, and Cameron dropped his present for his Aunty Sil Sil.. and broke it.

Consequently, my Christmas Eve (in which Mike was working) was spent driving around in the rain dropping of non-labelled or prettified jars of “Cookies for Santa” with Christmas cards and mailing those that don’t live close to us. I then sent a mass text of instructions for Operation Cookies for Santa and brought a new mug for Aunty Sil Sil as a replacement for said broken one. It was hectic.

Then my BFF Silvia (AKA Aunty Sil Sil) and her man Justin (AKA Uncle Justin) came around for nibbles and our present swap. I got the coolest present known to man and Mike got Mr T the 6 month old Red Devil:

Christmas Eve night Cam watched as we put out cookies and milk for Santa and we talked excitedly about Christmas before he went to bed. Mike and I then got to work putting out our pressies & making Cam’s big present (a trike) from us. All the presents (bar Mike’s surprise from me – a PS3!) were set and we went to bed far more excited than Cam!

Christmas Day started early and was met with awe on Cam’s face. We taped his reaction and he just LOVED all his presents. We got him a toy phone, puzzle, doll, matchbox car mat with cars, wooden tool kit, books, bead rollercoaster maze and the trike of course.

We packed the car with our presents for our family and headed off to my sisters. The kids were ecstatic to see eachother and continue present opening and fun! We got Jayka (3) a black and decker 50+ piece tool kit and a toy story table and chair set and Jolee (1.5) a doll set with cot/bath/highchair/potty/doll/etc and some Dora books. Their presents were met with “Oh my Gooooood”‘s (Jake) and excited squeaks and cuddles (Jo Jo).

Cameron was spoilt from his Aunty Vicki & Uncle Danny and got Elmo swimmers, an Elmo doctor set and an Elmo cutlery/crockery set (he adores Elmo) and his Grandma got him the sweetest wooden toy set from Etsy that I’ve been wanting for ages which has been a huge hit! We got my Mum a fountain that she loved and had a lovely time but had to head off so that Cam could sleep in the car on the way to Mike’s parents place.

We had lunch at the in-laws and were spoilt. It was great to see Cam come out of his shell and he was so psyched to see their dogs again! “Dog! Dog!” he’d point and crawl around while their little maltese x licked his feet. So funny to watch!

Dinner was a roast at home and I had a snooze while Cam slept. It was great to have our first Christmas dinner as a family! Cameron has been a different bub when it comes to food and is now down to 3 breastfeeds a day and has three big meals with snacks in between and the occassional sip of cows milk. He eats really well now and is always saying “taaaa” because he wants what we are eating.

All in all it was a lovely day despite the overcast and rainy weather and we just felt SO blessed to be spending quality time with family while enjoying good food and gift giving/recieving and all the fun that comes with little ones at this time of year. It was beautiful.

Cam did pretty well 😛

He was very pooped afterwards.

I hope your Christmas was MAGICAL and full of laughter and great food. Thank you for reading my blog, commenting and voting. You make my little hobby even more brilliant and the people I have met whilst blogging and vlogging are amazing. Thank you, again.

& now it’s 11:20PM on the 29th of December and there’s only one day standing between now and when *that* perfect son of mine is ONE year old! Sappy post to come. I’m teary just at the thought!!

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