My One Year Old

I’m the proud Mummy to the cutest, sweetest, most clever and fun one year old boy!!!!

The first year on The Rollercoaster of Motherhood has had some severe lows (post elaborating on this to come) but so so so many highs.

I’ve been pushed to my limits physically and mentally.

I’ve changed more in one year than any other.

& it is all because of one tiny being.

I have watched him transform into a little boy. I’ve watched his amazing personality seep through and have us in fits of giggles. He’s provided so many jaw-dropping “did you see/hear that?” moments for me with my husband, mum, sister and friends. He is just so beautiful. So so beautiful.

My love for him has blossomed and adapted each step of the way. It is infinite and words simply cannot do it justice. Every moment has significance.

On his birthday I was breastfeeding him before his morning nap and thought ‘imagine it is ten years from now and you have been allowed to return to this very moment’ and I felt the moment – really felt it.

I kissed his hair and tucked his curls behind his ear and felt how little he is and watched his eyelids get heavy. I held his little hand and made him giggle by giving his feet butterfly kisses. I felt his breath slow to a steady rhythm as he fell asleep while feeding and I snuggled up to him and had a nap with him.. and woke to see his smile and have a kiss.

As a Mum you try to really absorb these moments everyday but the mundane activities, repetitiveness and the contrast of chaos mixed throughout the day mean that a lot of that magic is lost on you.

You try as often as you can to patiently observe him try-try-and-try again to push that tricky button to open the door to the baby room at the mall. Or to let him feed himself despite the food through the hair, the mess on the floor and the fact that it takes three times the amount of time for him to consume it all (not including the tidy up). Or to literally stop and smell the flowers. But it isn’t that easy and there isn’t infinite time and patience when your job entails the entire responsibility of caring for another being.

This boy..

Yeah that cutie.. He is AMAZING guys. He tips the scales at a tiny 8.5 kgs and still only has 6 teeth (since 8 months!). He has managed 10 wobbly steps and waves hello and bye-bye when you say the words. He is constantly pointing and ‘talking’ in baby language with different inflections/pitch/etc. it’s so freaking cute to watch him pretend to talk on the phone (although he rarely manages more than a huge grin and a wave when someone actually wants to talk to him on the phone).

He blows me away with all the he is learning lately. He’s now reached his 18th word on the eve before his birthday (words used in context and mostly clear and used frequent-ish). He understands so much and shows it when we ask him things (like “what sound does a cow make?” or “where is your nose?”). He is very interested in animals (a fair few of his spoken words are animal names) and loves interacting with strangers (he’s a flirt!) but has stranger anxiety to the MAX.

He’s a clingy, cuddly cutie pie. He kisses when you ask for it and tells you when he’s finished (by signing and making a specific noise). He still has 3 (sometimes 4) big breastfeeds in a 24 hour period and is a changed boy when it comes to solid foods! He’s now loving food and eating 3 big meals a day plus snacks. He loves trying what we are having and drinking (water and milk) out of a cup.

He loves the water (swimming, splashing and bathing) and enjoys showers. He doesn’t care about water on his face and is pretty laid back about being under water (in swimming). He makes the cutest car noises when playing with vehicles and has some pretty awesome dance moves! He loves to play little instruments and now asks for them (“ta! ta!”) when he sees them at a store.

He is a big fan of Elmo (or as he says “Mo”) and smiles whenever he says anything Elmo related. He loves to turn the pages in books and point to anything he knows and tell you about it (especially animals as I said). He’s 100% great in the car now that he’s older and forward facing and will talk to you as you drive along and dance along to the music.

He cruises all furniture with ease now and even uses kiddy-chairs, walkers and push-bike-thingos as walkers to get around the house with stability. He’s taken to calling me Rachel (ray-shoe) again instead of Mum unless he’s hurt or really tired.

He ADORES his Aunty Vicki and we hang out a tonne with his cousins Jayka and Jo’lee. He really loves Jo Jo but they fight like mad. You always hear them getting angry at eachother for taking a toy and Cam inevitably ends up crying (he’s a big sook sensitive boy) while Jo’lee sports her characteristic diva attitude and frown. Jayka loves ‘helping’ Cameron and cuddling him. He’s always trying to play with Jo Jo and Cam but gets frustrated by them LOL

Anyway, his birthday day began early with Cameron blowing out his candle on one of his Elmo cupcakes that I baked for him:

He opened his presents and promptly showed off his walking skills (using his ride on – which will be his outdoors one) and ‘talked’ to us about all his books/puzzles/trucks before Mike had to leave for work.

I felt so proud and I’ll admit there were tears from me. I felt so overwhelmed. My baby boy can’t be one. I thought. And yet I can barely remember life without him.

If I look ridiculously happy it is because I am. & I think he is too. I cannot begin to comprehend what lies ahead. We still have his birthday party next Saturday so send all your best wishes for some great weather and fun memories!

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