The Queensland Floods

These floods… I am feeling so blessed to be safe and warm with no impact on my home. I’ve watched with so much sadness as my city has been inundated with flood waters. My bestfriend had to pack up and evacuate her home near the river (thank goodness, amazingly, her flat was not flooded) and another friend looked on helplessly as her neighbours watched their house get swallowed by water

So many lives are upside down and it has been so surreal.

Queensland’s mindset is now well & truly on the heart-breaking task of clean up after these devastating floods. The death toll currently stands at 16 and 53 people are still missing.

Many evacuated flood victims in Brisbane and Ipswich (where I live) still cannot return home. More than 4,000 people are staying in emergency centres in the two cities in south-east Queensland. Thousands more have left their homes to stay with family and friends. A total of 86 towns/cities have been affected by the floods, with 17,500 homes damaged and a further 3,000 businesses affected.

Too many people have lost EVERYTHING. Everywhere I look are contrasts. From homes unaffected & people seemingly going about their lives like nothing has happened… to families with literally only what they can carry holding eachother in tears. From looters and greedy businesses charging ridiculous amounts of money for essentials because they can… to amazing heart-warming generosity – giving money, time, and effort.

Tomorrow I am off to help volunteer and donate. PLEASE click the link below and PLEASE dig deep:



Let me know what you think!

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