Lovin’ Being A Mumma

My baby is 13 months on Monday, a tiny 8.5 kgs and 77 cm tall. He is still a boobah boy especially at the moment because of his teeth! He still only has 6 teeth (for 5 months! LOL) but his gums are red and bumpy and he’s drooling like mad so I think we are in for a few at once. Poor mite!

He’s changed a lot with eating (usually, not today) and eats really well – both feeding himself and having yoghurt, etc. He loves water and will drink cows milk from a sippy cup when we are out.

He’s very sensitive (pats babies heads when they cry), loves animals (many of his words are animals), is very talkative and walks well. He’s a details boy and likes to play with things like tweezers, pencils and tools (we got him a wooden tool set for his bday). He loves swimming (lessons as well as leisure!) and we started back at kindergym today which he enjoys.

If you say “shh” he puts his finger up to your mouth. He will (sometimes, not always) point to his nose/eyes/ears/belly button when you ask where they are. In his eyes, everything moos. “what does a cow say?” “mooo” “what does a dog say?” “mooo” etc. Also, most animals that he isn’t familiar with are a dog to him (horses, guinea pigs, etc LOL). He loves to wave buh-bye and pretend to talk on the phone. He clapped heaps for a while there but hasn’t done it since.

He can be very stubborn and gets frustrated if he can’t do what he want. He’s a real boys boy and loves to get dirty and get into everything… but he’s very affectionate and often kisses and cuddles without prompting. His favourite character is Elmo and he loves to ‘dance’ (his moves are hilarious – he gets low and does this shy-shoulder thing and twists with this gorgeous grin!) and make music (he has bongos and shakers).

He’s still breastfeed to sleep but we are often out and about during the day so it’s only really his morning sleep and nighttime sleep. He isn’t as interested in books lately.

I have put him down on a waiting list for our local C&K kindergarten for 2014. I’m glad I got in early because there was already lots of other tots down on the list. It feels surreal to think of him going to kindy!

My sister and I got guinea pigs for the kids that live at her house. They are three girls. Jo Jo has Sasha (AKA Sasha Fierce AKA Beyonce), Jake has Rhi (AKA Rhianna) and Cam has Gaga (AKA Lady Gaga AKA The Gags). They’re fun and a great way to teach them about caring, being gentle, being quiet and sharing.

Oh God, I just love him. It is just so lovely to be his Mumma!

Early TTC blog and vlog coming!!!

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2 thoughts on “Lovin’ Being A Mumma

  1. Hi Rachel, I have been following your journey since 2007 and during this time have had a daughter. I previously suffered anxiety and understand where you are coming from. I look forward to following your TTC #2 journey. We are also TTC our second. In fact…Cameron and our daughter Imogen are just days apart. Imogen was born on 28 December of 09.

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