I want this again. I miss it. It feels like a distant memory and I’ll admit I tend to sport some rose-coloured glasses as I reminise about pregnancy.

They always say that you’ll just know when the time is right and when you are ready for a(nother) baby. & I’ll be damned if that’s not right now for me.

But my body is not cooperating.

My body has been nourishing a baby someway or other for almost two years plus a pregnancy and miscarriage prior to that… so maybe IT is not ready. My mind is there but my body is kinda like “gimme a break Rach”.

I was seriously tempted to wean Cameron off breastfeeding in order to get my cycles back. Truly tempted. But I dismissed the idea when I realised that not only is he not ready… neither am I… Not to mention the myriad of benefits of ‘extended’ breastfeeding.

I truly ADORED my pregnancy with Cameron. It was anxiety-filled, for sure… But is was magical.. in every sense of the word. I look back at this video of Cameron at 38 weeks boogeying in my belly and simply marvel at my body and the beauty of pregnancy.

I have an appointment booked with my doctor to talk about trying to conceive and pregnancy and what will happen with my medication (for generalised anxiety disorder) and what things will be put in place to ensure I get the best mental care throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

I so wish I could be TTC already but I think that the wait is for a reason.. I just don’t know it yet.

I’m already questioning all the normal what if’s that come with another baby. I’m already thinking ahead to that newborn stage and thinking of how things will be so different. *sigh*

So, prepare for more waiting-to-TTC blogs and all the rest. Just thought I’d do a quick intro to the topic 😛

We have been ill (hubster, bubby & I) hence the lack of blogging but a vlog over on my Youtube channel should be uploaded ASAP showing off my cutie 13 month old in all his glory 😀

Back soon with more xo


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