My Baby

The ‘baby’ in my baby is fading.

He is growing up before my eyes and amazing me all the time with his confidence, independance & clear personality.

It is all the small things that astound me.

Like how he (seemingly out of nowhere!) now loves shoes.. and spots them, picks them up carefully, brings them to me, sits down and puts up a cuter-than-cute little foot in the air just so.

Or how he nods his head to music he likes or can hold a triangle and chime it at kindergym while walking around.

Or how he mimicks us… picking up a screw driver like Daddy and twisting it against the wood of his sandpit, or attempting to brush his hair with his Mummy’s brush.

He is attracted to detail and will stay remarkably focused for his age to get a task done. It’s always very-serious-business and he sports the cutest Concentration Face. Whether it is sliding over a tab in a book or cutting play-dough… he is very patient.

He is fearless of heights and LOVES to be scared. I hate it so he must have got this one from his Daddy. He just revels in being scared to the point of shrieking (ie. Daddy roaring at him out of ‘nowhere’ out from behind a doorway). He laughs and laughs.

He loves to cuddle and kiss other little ones and is gentle. He’s very caring and will try and comfort someone if they seem upset. It just warms my heart that he’s so nurturing by nature.

He is just so freaking cute that it hurts.

We have been keeping busy & productive lately. Slowly establishing a flow to our weeks.

It is lovely. From the normal hum of home-life.. with chores & crafts, toys & routines… to swimming classes with Daddy on the weekends, kindergym sessions, frequent varied playdates including baby rhyme time at our library.

Cameron picked out his own first library book. I’ve got him out a few each fortnight to expand on our collection but this time he searched and found just the one. He picked a little board book on baby animals and held onto it while in our Ergo.

I couldn’t pry it from his hands until he fell asleep and I transferred him into the car. He still brings it to me (alongside many other books he favours – particularly his Elmo ones and one alphabet one) and is gaining back an interest in books.

He’s getting great with books that aren’t board books and is very careful. He seems to respect books.

He is his own little person with likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses & his talents are evolving. He is such a sweet soul and he wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my husband (my love) and I.

Oh, I love him.

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