Breastfeeding Beyond One Year Is Disgusting

The title is ridiculous, I know, but some people believe this.

Disclaimer(s): I’m about to talk about ‘extended’ breastfeeding (beyond one year). I know that this ‘debate’ is a sensitive one and I really do not want people to feel judged.

For me, it is not about what is ‘best’ but what is best for you, your child/ren and your situation.

I truly believe that there are countless ‘right’ ways to raise a child.

This post has been brought about because of the amount of ignorant and frankly hurtful comments that I have had regarding breastfeeding – both in real life and online and the comments I’ve read online on vlogs (all you have to do is youtube ‘breastfeeding toddler’ to get bombarded by hateful comments, trust me).

Anyway, I just want to empower mothers and hope that you learn even one thing from this post. Feel free to debate it and tell me what you think.


Breastfeeding your toddler can provide:
31% of his daily energy needs,
38% of protein requirements,
45% of Vitamin A requirements, and
95% of Vitamin C needs.

Source: WHO/CDR/93.4

I nurse my 13.5 month old son.

I work on the ‘don’t offer, don’t refuse’ policy.


Why do I do it? There are so many reasons.

It is not just about the milk. I’m sure you are already aware that breastmilk is a living fluid. The exact composition of breast milk varies from day to day, depending on your food consumption and environment.

Breastmilk even changes during a feed. Initially foremilk is produced (the milk released at the beginning of a feed, is watery, low in fat and high in carbohydrates) and as the feed progresses creamier hindmilk is released which is filling. The breast can never be truly “emptied” since milk production is a continuous biological process.

“In addition to the appropriate amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat, breast milk also provides vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and hormones – all of the things that a growing infant will require. Breast milk also contains antibodies and lymphocytes from the mother that help the baby resist infections. The immune function of breastmilk is individualized, as the mother, through her touching and taking care of the baby, comes into contact with pathogens that colonize the baby and consequently her body makes the appropriate antibodies and immune cells.”


Aside from the nutritional benefits (which I certainly don’t underestimate – I take comfort in the fact that he gets some of his nutrients from me) there are things that aren’t talked about as often.

Like how it is easy. Breastfeeding is convenient. There is no washing of bottles/sippy cups, carrying around milk or formula and worrying about temperature (if your tot is fussy).

It is an instant calmer. If Cameron bites his tongue or falls over or is sick it is like magic.

Not to mention the health benefits to me, the calories used which can help with weightloss and how it can help with allergies and speech development in children.

Nursing is a great way of touching base while Cameron busily explores his world. People have a misconception that breastfeeding for any length of time creates clingy and emotionally dependent kids. But many studies show that providing your little one with this loving and secure base actually helps him to become independent. Breastfeeding truly provides a sense of stability during a time of rapid growth and development.

It sucks that breastfeeding beyond a year is considered ‘extended’ breastfeeding in western society. It sucks that conditioning, generalisations and outdated information seems to be the driving factor in some mothers’ decision making.

It sucks that nursing a toddler is considered by some to be wrong, gross, perverted, abusive, sick or disgusting.

It sucks that breastfeeding in public is even something that is debated!


It must be said that a lot of these beliefs stem from the sexualisation of breasts in our culture.

“Bonding” is a big factor. It’s a kind of vague concept. Many mothers say it.. “breastfeeding creates such a beautiful bond, I love it” and what not. But what do we mean?

For me, it is all those little blissful moments. I think prior to breastfeeding I really didn’t understand the concept – it was so abstract.. But now I get it and it’s hard to figure out how to share it without offending someone. But hopefully you will understand where I am coming from.

Nursing a child is truly one of the most intimate things I’ve ever experienced. Not intimate in a sexual sesnse but intimate in that it is so innocent and sweet and unique to you and your nursling. It can really force you to slow down and revel in the simple beauty of it.

My first experiences with nursing can make me get emotional even now. How he would stare up at me and suckle furiously. How he would hold my finger and do little shifty eyes. I still marvel at it now and all the moments that we share because of breastfeeding.

I’m by no means saying that Mum’s who don’t breastfeed do not bond to their children or anything like that. I wasn’t breastfed and I think my Mum is amazing and you certainly don’t need nursing to establish a beautiful mother-child bond.

But it is multi-faceted and the relationship is different and unique.

The bond is all about the closeness. The little moments that are the norm in the flow of your day.

The snuffling to find the comfort. Those precious times that he falls asleep at the breast and he is so peaceful, content, flushed and full.

It is the anticipatory noises, the grunts while feeding and sighs that follow. & the way that he will smile up at me and that gaze that melt my heart and makes me feel like I’m the centre of his world in that moment. Those big blue eyes staring up at me while I share those moments.

Or how his body has grown and adapted to feeding positions. How he now tucks his legs in when he feeds laying down or how he can even stand and feed now.

& the magical times where he giggles while nursing. When I make a funny noise when he is poking at my face or when I play peek-a-boo. Those precious funny moments where he lets out his chuckle between sucks.

It’s all the heart warming, touching, can’t-believe-you-are-mine moments. It’s all those things and so much more that make me so eternally grateful that I relactated back when he was so young and got another year (and counting) of this magic.

It’s all those things that make me want to encourage other mothers to have this experience too, if they can and want to.

& it is all of those reasons why I wish that breastfeeding beyond one year was seen as normal and as the beautiful thing that it is.

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41 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Beyond One Year Is Disgusting

      • It’s not sick to feed a 2 year old. Maternities actually recommend feeding for at least 24 months, because until then baby can’t eat everything and needs supplementary nutrients found in his mother’s milk. I agree that you should breast feed a grown child, but there must be a valid reason if doctors recommend it so strongly. Besides, would you call it sick to give your 2 yo a bottle of milk? Just saying, put it into perspective. It’s literally the same thing to give a child a bottle or the breast, only human milk is the best you can possibly get your hands on.

  1. i hear you 🙂

    i fed molly til 17mths, i weaned due to HG in pregnancy with #4 at 12w – i had ppl tell me it made them ‘uncomfortable’ when i fed in MY home, yeah not so good – i had GP’s ask me when i was going to start feeding her ‘real’ food (funny she had been on 3 meals via BLS from 5mths) – the whole gammut of uniformed uneducated comments – it was funnier when they found out i was pregnant to boot – how i must have been ‘starving’ my unborn child (amongst other gems) – whatever floats your boat i say 🙂

  2. I would suggest you do what it best for you and your family. I am so over the debates that is around about breastfeeding and bottlefeeding. What is important is that you are happy with it and thats what matters. My sister had trouble stopping her daughter from breastfeeding at the age of 2. I didn’t breastfeed due to small milk production and we tried for a month with my first and for my second I didnt due to anti depressants. But mums even with a bottle can also have those magical moments like you described. I love when you look in their eyes and you think wow their mine.
    Its all about whats best you you and your family. Others can go jump and remember that its their opinion and everyone has them but your opinion is what matters.

  3. If you are continuing past a year because you both enjoy it then that’s great but I wouldn’t say that it has any added nutritional benefits. Any nutrition that milk provides can also be provided by food! think about it, what vitamin isn’t present in food? as far as added immunity well that hasn’t been proven to actually make a difference after 6 months. Like if you continue to BF’ed your child will not get sick less and be healthier. There is a lot of fluff about BF’ing and a lot of so called facts are not really true at all.

    I BF’ed for 11.5 months when I was ready to be done and so was he. I am a working Mom so it’s different and some what harder to keep a bf’ing relationship going.

    • Laura, you are incorrect. There is a multitude of research that shows breastfeeding continues to provide both nutritional and immunity benefits after a year. For example:

      The American Academy of Family Physicians notes that children weaned before two years of age are at increased risk of illness (AAFP 2001).

      Nursing toddlers between the ages of 16 and 30 months have been found to have fewer illnesses and illnesses of shorter duration than their non-nursing peers (Gulick 1986).

      “Antibodies are abundant in human milk throughout lactation” (Nutrition During Lactation 1991; p. 134). In fact, some of the immune factors in breastmilk increase in concentration during the second year and also during the weaning process. (Goldman 1983, Goldman & Goldblum 1983, Institute of Medicine 1991).

      * Per the World Health Organization, “a modest increase in breastfeeding rates could prevent up to 10% of all deaths of children under five: Breastfeeding plays an essential and sometimes underestimated role in the treatment and prevention of childhood illness.”

      If you are happy with your breastfeeding relationship, that’s wonderful! But please do not spread misinformation.

      • Those World Health Organization statistics are blanketed to included a lot of poor nations where a healthy variety of food is not always available for young children: So, yes, in situations where nutrition is scarce, breastfeeding is necessary for longer periods of time for the health of the child, but it is not the same for children in post-industrial societies.

        If mothers want to breastfeed their children past when it is nutritionally necessary, that is completely up to them. However, they should try not to use the excuse that they are doing it for nutritional purposes. Instead they should be brave enough to admit that they are doing it solely for the emotional bond with their toddler. Hiding behind statistics based on starving nations is silly.

      • It’s not called the Third World Health Organisation. Try looking into it more.

        It isn’t a nutritional neccessity beyond say a year, in that you are correct. But it is still nutritional and I do not feel I am ‘hiding’ behind statistics. I’m just adding that to the myriad of reasons why I am chosing the breastfeed beyond a year.

        In my case it truly isn’t a matter of ‘being brave enough to admit that [I am] doing it solely for the emotional bond’ because it truly isn’t the only reason. If it was, that wouldn’t be an issue for me either but it really is a combination of nutrition, comfort, ease, immunity, etc.

        The fact that you feel anyone would need to be brave to admit that they are breastfeeding for the emotional bond kind of baffles me. That factor is something most full-term breastfeeders are proud of and more than happy to ‘admit’.

        I appreciate your point of view though.

    • Have you ever fed a toddler? For them to eat enough food to get all of the vitamins that are in breast milk would be a miracle. The biggest reason I’ve found to continue breastfeeding is brain development. Even after the first year, children need fat to mylenate their nerve pathways. They need whole cow’s milk, toddler formula, or breastmilk. I didn’t give birth to a calf, so I breastfeed. I am ensuring proper, species specific, mylenation of my daughters brain.

  4. I have all those moments with my son when I breastfeed and when we moved on to bottle.

    Why do we have to talk and talk about how we feed our babies. Its food. Bonding with your child comes because your their mum and love them….not from feeding from your boob. I have done both and the love and bond is the same with all my children.

    Putting a disclaimer up the top doesn’t stop a post form being hurtful. You make it sound like you get to experience all these wonderful things that we bottle feeders don’t. If my son hurts himself I pick him up and cuddle him close and he soothes. Neck nuzzled in and sweet as pie. My child falls asleep on my chest and I breath in all that is beautiful with my baby.

    I agree that breasfeeding should be accepted and not judged an its up to mum how long she wished to do it. But breastffeeding mums need to get off there high horse. Were all doing the best we can. Antidepressents do go though the breast milk and there are no studdies to show the long term affects this may or may not have on babies. SSRI drugs have not been around long enough to know. For some mums they Do not want to risk that. I was one of them. I got off the meds and contined to Bf till nealry 6 months. Im glad I did it but my love was no less and the bond no greater than the one I have with my twins who were not Bf after day 6.

    When you were Bottle feeding you got upset by a blog megan wrote but I have notised that you have posted many blogs very simialr since you relactated.

    You should be proud of yourself for that no doubt. But Try to remember that there are many stories behind a mothers choices.

    • I noticed in rachel’s blog that she talked about being able to bond whether you are breast or bottle feeding… I’m not sure what you read, but she clearly does not have a dig in any way to mothers who bottle feed. What I got from the article are the many reasons she and her son enjoy the bond that THEY have created through breastfeeding, and how she finds it easy and convenient…
      I also dont believe that rachel is on her ‘high horse’ or that she is forcing her views on anyone else…
      It upsets me that people will judge when they clearly did not get the point of the article… I am a mother who has breastfed and bottle fed my babies and I found nothing offensive, but rather enjoyed the honesty and passion that the article radiated…..

      • Rachel did say that you can bond if you bottle feed, but then said breastfeeding is multifaceted and unique and then went on to describe all these wonderful things that she has experienced things that a bottle feeder could not. I have experienced these lovely moments of staring at my child when he was on the breast and the bottle.

        Its like me saying….. Disclaimer…..I think how you sleep with your child is up to you….However…… Statistics show that you have an increase in SIDS, Suffocation, entrapment and re breathing. But hey Im not judging its up to the mum.

    • Whoa.

      She was celebrating breastfeeding. I she didn’t think it was better than bottle-feeding she wouldn’t be doing it. Sorry if that offends you. She wasn’t looking down her nose at you, but expressing what she loves about it.

      If you’re going to be a mom you’re going to have to be a lot more thick skinned than this. It only gets harder.

  5. The fact about immunity I think is a load of &%$(*@) I know bubs that have gotten terribly sick time and time again and have been exclusively breast fed.

    I agree with some of the comments above, not having a go at your Rach. But like any discussion about breast feeding or bottle feeding, it always comes across as one being better than the other, whether you mean it that way or not.

    I have done both with both children and I agree with others it’s no different, you still create a wonderful bond, you can still calm/soothe your child.

    Remember what I said the other week, do not under estimate the power of mummy cuddles…….they are what will always be there, the breast will not <—— that's not saying you shouldn't be doing it. With my first I had no desire whatsoever to feed beyond 1 year. I only made it to 7 months in the end.
    With my second I had all intentions of going beyond 1 year but it wasn't to be and stopped at 10 months. I do sometimes wish I was still breast feeding and at other times I am glad I am not.

    Glad it's working again for you.

  6. Why can’t we all just respect the choices that mums make for them and their child, breast or bottle – if the child is healthy and happy who cares. I have twins, one who breast fed and one who bottle fed. That is just the way it worked out. They are both happy and healthy. I had negative comments about both choices from some people. So be it, I figure they are the ones who need an education not me. Maybe as mums we all need to be more sensitive in what we say (I have prob done it myself some days on sensitive topics and just didn’t think). Being a mum is a hard job, lets just support each other. Those who leave nasty feedback need to remember that. Breast feeding beyond a year didn’t suit me, but goodluck to those it does.

  7. I get the feeling that the last few commenters really missed the point of this blog post. It’s not about ragging out on non-BFer’s or somehow making you feel less superior if you’ve chosen not to go on BF’ing. This is about empowering mothers who have chosen a different path from you but that deal with all the criticism that comes from it.

    This is not a ‘discussion’ or ‘debate’ – she’s simply expressing how she feels about BF’ing as an experience. The statistics and reasoning is the side-effect of feeling like she owes anyone an explanation (which btw Rachel you don’t!) – yeah hi, I’m talking to you few who think that just because she talks about the benefits she’s saying that you’re all terrible, negligent mothers.. assumption leap much?

    She’s written about all the wonderful things that she experiences through breastfeeding and this message is necessary in a society that questions every single damn choice we make. The day people start making bottle-feeders feel like shit because of your choice, is the day I’ll let you have a cry about not being included in a blog post directed at the minority.

    So, to the high horse riders in this comment thread – if you can point out the part where she says that what you’re doing is WRONG, I’ll let you have a point this time..

    • i agree with silvia… and I’m wondering where rach stated that the bond she shares with Cam can only be between a mother and ber breast fed infant… she clearly states that the bond can be created between all mothers and their bubs, but that this is simply the way that she has created her bond with HER baby….
      I think the above comment regarding sids etc, was a bit over the top… Nowhere did rachel say ‘each to their own, but my way is better, safer, healthier….’ she just says that this is what she has chosen, and these are the benefits.
      For me, reducing breast feeds and supplementing with formula means that I am happier, my baby is happier, and we are able to continue to bond in a beautiful way. I know that rachel doesnt judge my decision, but rather supports me, and encourages me to continue being the great mum that I am… In no way has she ever stated that mothers of bottle fed babies are inferior to their breastfeeding counterparts. Rather, she simply shares her beautiful journey with us all, and lets others judge and criticise her…
      I’ve never heard rachel say that she is a better mother for having breast fed her child… and anyone who knows her knows that she is open and supportive of everyone’s right to choose…

    • Well i was told one day that i could do a study into how to have a smart child (breastfed twin) and a not so smart child (bottle fed twin). It did sting, but i realised that she didn’t know what she was talking about. (And that is how i choose to look at most negative comments that come my way) Maybe it was meant to be a joke that i didn’t find funny. (So sometimes people do make bottle feeders feel bad, I did both so I guess that i saw it from both sides) I know the blog wasnt about breast vs bottle… i was simply saying lets all be positive and happy for each other that our children are healthy and happy and that we are doing the best we can as mums for our kids. Support other mums whenever we get the chance and i am sure we will all be happier and less stressed.

  8. maybe it’s this line that puts some people off

    It’s all those things that make me want to encourage other mothers to have this experience too, if they can and want to.

    to me that is saying if you want this experience you need to breast feed.

    • however, nowhere did rachel say that in order to experience these moments u must breast feed…
      i think what she meant by that comment is that any mother can create those moments if they want them, regardless og their feeding method.
      people should rwad between the lines…
      I bottle feed, and felt no offence at any of the comments in the article…

    • Exactly. Iknow Rachel is a kind and sweet persone. I got all the parts she said that you can still bond with your child if you Bottle feed. It still does come across and Many other mums who Breastfeed do to, that The bond is greater and more special if you breastfeed.

  9. Rachel,
    I’m sorry that people’s comments are hurting you. When you create a post on a topic such as this, you have to expect some backlash. There will always be people that disagree with you, or people who present conflicting information than what you have presented. If you put yourself out there in this type of social community, you are opening yourself up for criticism, you need to let them roll off your back. You need to do what makes you and your child happy and healthy.

    If you enjoy it and your child is well nourished than why care for others judgements.

    I must say I”m surprised at your tagline “breastfeeding beyond one year is disgusting” that is kind of radical, I don’t really see that sort of opinion expressed a lot. I have heard that people think it’s strange, or abnormal. But abnormal doesn’t mean wrong, it means that in this case, it’s not the most socially acceptable thing. When I was an infant, my mother told me that people thought she was strange for breastfeeding her child, because at that time formula was considered superior in nutrition, and more socially acceptable.

    I would say that my research on the immunological benefits of extended breastfeeding to not concur with yours. I have read considerable research on the decreasing immunological benefits (and content) of breastmilk post 6months. But even if what I’m saying is true, there are other benefits that you mentioned above.

  10. Rachel, I am so sad to see the comments you have recieved from nasty insecure women that have doubted the choices they have made. Obviously they doubt themselves, or they wouldn’t feel that they have to get on here and justify it. It’s sad, but I have enjoyed the article. It is so brave to be able to open up about your life. They’re just cheap shots because they are bored, doubting themselves, shallow, bitchy.
    Keep up the wonderful articulated, passionate work, and I for one would commend you.

    • Wow, so you’re saying because someone took the time to make a comment that might diagree with her that they are bored, shallow, bitchy and doubting themselves?
      That’s actually a pretty “bitchy” comment—Just sayin’

    • Ok so I Doubt myself do I???? Im a mother of Twins boys and a 1 year old. Bored am I???? How dare you.

      Im allowed to disagree with Rachel. Do I judge her No!!!! I think what she has done coming though anxiety and re lactating is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!! I do however get tired of breastfeeding being compared to Formula feeding. And if you read it again you will see there are comparisons. Why cant one be discussed without comparing it to the other. Especially when everyone here is saying that she is only saying what has worked for her. Well then the whole bottle thing can be left out.

      Doubt myself….Please. Come do what I have done for the last 5 years raising three boys under 4 and tell me…I doubt myself and am bored. Grow up!

  11. To Jenney and elesha, did I single you out? Or has your conscious got the better of you? Is there something you said that went further than just disagreeing? elesha, so lovely to see that you have pointed out something positive that Rachel has done. Isn’t this what its about? Supporting Rachel as a mother, and enjoying HER OBSERVATIONS in her journey of motherhood. Enjoying this blog that she so bravely shares? Please, darlings, you don’t need to justify yourselves to me!

    • Wow Chan, you are just a really aggressively rude person. My conscious? I think you mean “Conscience” by the way, because I’m quite conscious, or I wouldn’t be typing this to you right? Anyway…

      • LOL! I see I am dealing with someone who is quite ignorant and immature.

        con·scious   /ˈkɒnʃəs/ [kon-shuhs]
        1. aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
        2. fully aware of or sensitive to something (often followed by of ): conscious of one’s own faults; He wasn’t conscious of the gossip about his past.
        3. having the mental faculties fully active: He was conscious during the operation.
        4. known to oneself; felt: conscious guilt.
        5. aware of what one is doing: a conscious liar.
        6. aware of oneself; self-conscious.
        7. deliberate; intentional: a conscious insult; a conscious effort.
        8. acutely aware of or concerned about: money-conscious; a diet-conscious society.
        9. Obsolete . inwardly sensible of wrongdoing.

        Please take note of point 1, Jen.

        1. the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action: to follow the dictates of conscience.
        2. the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.
        3. an inhibiting sense of what is prudent: I’d eat another piece of pie but my conscience would bother me.
        4. conscientiousness.
        5. Obsolete . consciousness; self-knowledge.
        6. Obsolete . strict and reverential observance.

        So, now you see, if you were a little more educated you would see that there is a difference, however subtle.

        By concious I mean the ‘guilt’ in your ‘sub-concious’, just to clarify and explain in more laymans terms.

        The point, love, is that, my comment was TO RACHEL, and had nothing whatsoever to do with you. I did not mention your name or address my original comment to you, you have taken it upon yourself to put your two-pence in (a colloquialism), in something that had nothing to do with you.

        The fact you you became so defensive about my feedback to Rachel tell me that you feel guilty about what ever you have said at some point.

        For the record, I have not read your earlier posts because you do not matter to me. I am not worried about your opinion, and as I don’t know you, you are therefore unimportant to me. Having said that, I think at this point you need to open up your mind and learn something, and so I have taught you a few things.

        I am now responding to this because you keep responding back in such a way that I think you must have problems with comprehension, you know, the ability understand things in a logical and rational way.

        You probably are the kind of person who says what they think before they have thought their response through, so note to self, Jen, think things through before you say anything or you come across as unintellegent.

        I have not been aggressive, you wouldn’t want to see me be aggressive; so my advice? Let sleeping dogs lie, sweetheart and go sterilise some bottles or something to keep you out of mischief. Okay 🙂

  12. It is a good post and as much as I tried to understand I just cant get past bf a toddler or any child past a year old. It just seems so bizarre to me and much more of fufilling a need for the mother than the child. It’s just very unneccesary and as much as I tried to see it differently I just could not. Once a child is a year old to me that is more than old enough. Its not bf that seems sexual to me but bf a toddler on up is just sicko.

  13. I am a mom of 4 and blessed to say that I extended breastfed all of them beyond 1 (my first two)and 2 years old(third and fourth child)- but I used the bottle when needed, too. I know for a fact with having a high schooler, middle schooler, elementary school age child and 2 year old who gets exposed to a lot from having to be tagged around here and there with the older kids at various activities and venues that being breastfed beyond 2 has strengthened her immunity. She’s 2 and a several months old now and has never been on an antibiotic, been extremely heathy, no ear infections, and I thank God first for that. The other three were very healthy toddlers, too. They are not perfect kids but have excelled in school(conduct and grades), are involved in extracurricular activities and have friends, so nursing them beyond the norm did not do them any harm academically, socially, or in any other areas of their lives. I am also an RN who has worked in post-partum and I always supported whatever the mother wished to do whether breast or bottle. I have had to get a couple of ignorant family members straight and say- you know- I have raised my kids with love, teaching them to love others, serve God, respect other’s differences/diversity. I could be doing a lot worse things and extended breastfeeding is not the worse thing that I could do. I had planned on weaning my oldest child at 12 months and started him on regular milk then I noticed that he eventually stopped eating- didn’t know what was going on then one day he threw up a large sized milk curd that felt like a hard piece of glue. I called a LaLeche support person and she advised me to continue to breastfeed him longer. Doing that healed his stomach and increased his appetite for regular food again. I know that breastfeeding beyond a year is healing for the baby and doing it beyond a year isn’t disgusting- it may have saved my son’s life, so that is how I began to become open to extended nursing. Moms – I applaud all of you for loving and nurturing and feeding your children – whatever way “You” think is best, but I think it’s rude and disrespectful to put down a mom who chooses to bottlefeed for two years or more or one who chooses to breastfeed for two years or more. Our society has done a poor job of turning something natural into something unnatural- let’s not give in to that, but focus on supporting each other on what we agree on, yet respect one other for what we disagree on. Thank you Racheous for sharing your experiences on breastfeeding with us. I see nothing wrong with a mom starting a blog on the joy of bottlefeeding if that what she wants to do, but moms who read this blog- if you’re secure in what you are doing then you shouldn’t get defensive (due to you not choosing to breastfeed beyond a certain time) when a person promotes what they are blessed with and believes in.

  14. This is great! I breastfed my first until she was over two (and probably would have longer if I wasn’t pregnant and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum!) and I absolutely loved it…and felt like it was so hard to find people who shared my experience!! Thanks for sharing about yours!

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