I’m Stuck On My High-Horse. Help!

I’m lazy, exhausted & upset so instead of replying individually to each of those who have commented negatively about my previous post (or emailed.. thanks for that, you buttplug) I’m just going to write this blog.

As always with these things this has turned into a personal attack and gone back to the whole formula feeding vs breastfeeding thing.

You missed the point. Just sayin’.

I didn’t want to post that blog post because I was worried this would happen. I’m a sensitive person, you see. I care about people and I want to inspire and share and I genuinely want to encourage all mothers. & yep, I’m hurt. Congrats.

My high-horse is hurt too btw.

The blog post was meant to be about supporting every mother who wants the best for their child/ren. Not about how they do so. Like I said – there are a million different ways to mother brilliantly.

Some of the mothers I really admire do practically the opposite to me but they are working towards the same thing: a healthy, happy, well-rounded kid. These are individualised decisions based on the child, the circumstances and what not.

With my next child/ren I may do entirely different things! Because the child will be different, I will be different and the circumstances will not be the same. It’s not one-size fits all.

I included information because I felt the need to justify my choices (even though, as many have pointed out, I shouldn’t) because of comments I’ve had or others have had. I never suggested any alternative is lesser or that my choice is superior because I really just do not believe that.

Basically, the info was saying “this is why I do what I do, & it works which I’m thankful for and it is awesome”.

I blog for myself but also because I believe support and information are awesome.

To act as though I’m formula bashing is kind of hilarious if you actually know me.

If it weren’t for formula I wouldn’t be here (my mum had huge issues breastfeeding me). If it weren’t for formula I wouldn’t have survived back when Cam was a newborn. How you feed your baby/toddler is only a tiny part of what makes you a Mum.

Yep, I’m being narky. I have had minimal sleep, my toddler has cut two molars and I’ve spent too much time upset about this.

Nevermind. I’m past it. If you don’t like me/my blog/etc you are under no obligation to follow my journey.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go finish editing a more important blog post.


15 thoughts on “I’m Stuck On My High-Horse. Help!

  1. To those bagging Rach
    PISS OFF!!! See that little red cross in the top right hand corner of your screen. Use it! Because clearly you missed the last point of her post.

    No one is forcing you to read this blog. So bugger off!

    That is all.

    Ps: Rach I totally get it and will be BF my little guy until he self weans. WHY? Because thats what works for US and YOU are part of that reason 🙂 You know where I am chickie 😉

  2. Stay positive. Easy thing to say, hard thing to do, especially with lack of sleep on your side. Go and take a look at your son and what you have created, that will bring a smile to your face everytime.

  3. im a soon to be mummy and i didnt really know much about breast feeding and the great benefits it has. Your last post really informed me and helped me to make the decision to breast feed!! dont listen to all of the hateful comments your doing what you think is best for your baby and thats all that matters! x

  4. Hi Rach, i formula feed after having majour issues with breastfeeding, and i found your previous post lovely and inspiring! i know you too had issues yourself and you in no way came off as being on your ‘high horse’ (unlike some people i know)…..im sorry people are being that way! you really dont deserve it. But just remember no matter how well you say things/write things when its in the ‘public eye’ its going to be judged and criticised dont let it get to you x

  5. As someone who has no children and is currently not even at the TTC stage, it honestly baffles me that people can be concerned about what a mother is doing to feed/clothe their baby (as long as the child’s needs are being met of course!)

    From my completely uninformed and no experience standpoint (that’s my disclaimer for what I am about to say next), when you have a young child, what mother has the time to sit their and judge what others are doing? Work on getting the best for and from your baby, you don’t need to be “educating” or criticising fellow mothers. Focus on your kid, and other mothers can do the same. You certainly wouldn’t like it if people were sending you angry emails and leaving snarky comments.

  6. If you were not so attention seeking and not such a big drama queen then people might take what you say more seriously. You rub people up the wrong way by over dramatising, oversharing and asking everyone to ‘look at me’ the whole time.
    Honestly, you set yourself up for this sort of response. I saw it coming a mile off!
    But then I think you secretly love the notes and attention you then recieve in response to your ‘tears’. Poor Poor Rachel.
    Just focus on Cam. You don’t need the rest of the world to validate your existence (well, actually you do – easy to see that when you beg for votes for your blog!).

    • I am dramatic – I openly admit that is part of my personality. I share a tonne and I love to because of the awesome people I meet and the support we offer eachother (not just the support I recieve) both for the great and the crappy.

      Everyone wants to be heard. I’m fully comfortable with the fact that I need that. It’s human. Many other blogs ‘beg’ for votes too and I have no shame in advertising like that *shrugs*

      If you don’t like me or my blog then why read – let alone comment?

    • Your post was soooo un called for. Why would you even post such a comment. Seems your the attention seeking one!

      Rach, I’m not neither a mother or intend to be any time soon, but i enjoy reading your posts. Your an honest, loving mother and i think what you are doing is great!!

      And to all the ones leaving negative comments — get a life!

  7. Rachel Im going to say this and un-sub as I feel that is what you would prefer.

    I am sorry I hurt your feelings. I Guess when I first came across your blog I thought to myself “wow” I can connect with this girl.

    When you popped cameron on formula I understood how hard that was. And when I saw how sad you got when Meaghan wrote that blog about formula vs breastfeeding I “got it” I have been reading those sorts of blogs many times since. Remember the hurt you felt then,well a year latter I still feel it in these blogs because of the subtle comparisons.

    Then you re-lactated and I thought how cool. I was still feeding at this point and was happy you were able to achieve that.

    I feel like every time I read about breastfeeding there are little comparisons. Its like you said you feel the need to justify your choices and I guess so do I.

    Did you cop the brunt of some pent up hurt yes, and Im sorry for that. I am sensitive as well and I can read into things.

    The high horse comment was a generalised comment at all mums who vlogs and blogs I have read that hurt. I am not happy I said that to you. YOu are a good person and a kind person.

    I still wish that when mums talk about the love they have for breastfeeding it could be done without mentioning the alternatives because it will always come off as comparing. It just does. Good luck with your continued journey with your son. ANd the TTC of number two. I have enjoyed being apart of the journey and hope to leave things amicably.


  8. I had to formula feed after big issues with breastfeeding. Your last post did not offend me what so ever. People a far too sensitive about the issue. I love hearing what you do and how you have overcome things. I even had issues with formula feeding my boys were never good feeders until they discovered solids and weened themselves off bottles at 10 months much to my trying to keep going. They are now 13 months and hate milk. Your post was about everyone being different and catering to the different needs of your child I can’t see how people didn’t see that.

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