Parenting a toddler can make me feel like one of the people on Play School on TV who I tease. 

You repeat yourself a lot and spend a tonne of time talking a lot about silly things.

You are a lot more enthused by simple things and are infinitly more expressive in general.

On any given day you’ll hear me saying things like “are you doing a stinky poo?” or “close! but it’s ‘kitty’ not ‘titty'”.

& the amount of times I clap and say “yaaaay!’ is somewhat hilarious.

Or you will see me doing things like bending over with Cam in the Ergo on my back so that he can hold the escalator rail or patiently watching as he tries to press the green button on the eftpos machine for me.

You spend so much time narrating your day and ‘helping’.

But I’m watching more and more as Cameron is starting to communicate, comprehend and interact back and it’s so rewarding.

Prior to this year it kind of felt like I had an imaginary friend or something.

But now he points things out to me like the guide dog donation box = “dog” or he’ll pretend to ‘giddy up’ when he sees a horse (even though he also calls that a dog.

I frequently hear “wazzis?” (translation: what’s this?) and see him enthusiastically ask for food (he makes a hmmmm noise with rising tone if he wants something).

Speaking of food he’s LOVING food right now despite having two big teeth cutting through. He’s eating three meals plus snacks and enjoying water.

Our days seem so full now… with fuss-free meals and more activities that he enjoys as well as all the playdates and things we go to.

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More on all that after I sleep..


3 thoughts on “Toddlers

  1. I was unable to breastfeed my first child. I expressed round the clock night and day for 6 months to bottle feed my child. I am lucky enough to be able to breastfeed my 2nd child. I DO NOT feel any different, to my 2nd child as I did my first. You can still BOND with your baby even though you are bottle feeding. I don’t get how people rave on about the bonding and how special it is…?

    I seriously don’t understand why people think they are so high and mighty that they can breast feed. Really isn’t the important thing that the child gets fed?

    We spend so much time on this stupid debate and Breastfeeders (aside from myself) always carrying on about the BONDING and how special it is blah blah blah… you are feeding your baby just like bottle feeders feed their baby.

    I am really over the crap about them vs us – well I am in the middle and I don’t feel high and almighty for either side. My kids are fed, happy and thats all that matters.

    If you want to breastfeed your kid till he’s 6 thats your choice and your business. People do it, cause it makes THEM feel good. Nothing to do with the child and the nutritional benefits. I don’t see why its your job to speak out for those that breastfeed long term. You need to speak for youself.

    Long termers get judged if they do it in public cause it just doesn’t look right to have a toddler breastfeeding. They say that bottlefed bubs from 12 months old should be on cows milk and drinking out of sippy cups… why doesn’t the same apply to breastfed kids??

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