Teeth & Montessori

Sorry for the lack of posts.

Cameron has had four (yes, four) teeth cut through at the same time and he has been waking very frequently throughout the night as well as nursing really frequently.

It goes without saying that I’m drained… Just pure drained.

I don’t know how Mum’s of bad-sleeping-babies and with many children do it. You’re all freaking amazing.


Cam & I went to a trial session at a local Montessori school where they have infant/toddler classes. I went mainly to get ideas and to see whether it was worth the money for our situation.

It was beautiful. All the children throughout the school were so courteous and gentle. The infant/toddler section of the school was gorgeous… tiny equipment and materials all simply prepared.

It was lovely to see toddler washing windows and quietly playing.

I find Cameron suits Montessorian learning because he is naturally detail orientated and focussed. He loved it.

I couldn’t justify the cost ($27 for two hour session) especially as I do some of the things at home* and Cameron already does swimming, baby rhyme time at the library, kindergym & playgroups.

*The Montessori-inspired things that I already did were:
– Cam has a toddler broom and ‘helps’ me sweep and cleans his mirrors/tables/high chair with me
– Cam’s toys and books are all accessible to him
– He helps with brushing his teeth, washing his face, dressing, etc
– He can get in and out of his cot (Set up like toddler bed against our bed now that he can get off the bed safely. Until now he had a floor bed)
– Several of his toys are Montessori-ish (wooden puzzles, shape sorters, stackers as well as his water table outside and sandpit)
– We have a reading corner set up in his room
– I tend to choose books that have real pictures instead of cartoony ones
– He has some art at his eye level in his playroom and room
– He has mirrors at his level as well
– He helps to feed the cat and fish
– Cam has started to use utencils in the past month

I agree with a fair amount of the benefits of Montessorian practices but a few of the things aren’t to my liking or I don’t find practical. I like to use bits and pieces of different parenting/learning techniques and adjusting to Cameron at the time and Montessori just happens to help that process.

The main thing that I took away from the session was that I needed to simplify Camerons room and playroom… so we’ve done a major re-organise and shuffle. Now that his cot is in our room I’ve moved his bookcase into his room and I rotate books daily as we read throughout the day.


Cameron is really loving imitation lately. From daily chores to ‘talking’ on the phone. He also tries to imitate some words when I’m talking to him about things lately. Usually he just imitates the melody of the words (i.e. sounds like he’s asking a question in his baby talk or something funny) and it’s so freaking cute to see him being so serious.

He is walking so well now and practically runs sometimes. He loves carrying and pushing things around. He brings me odd things 😛

We did our first stART project (see here for details) the other day. I wasn’t sure on how long Cameron would concentrate for but he surprised me and I made sure he had fun and it wasn’t forced. I’ll do a post about it with pictures tonight.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!!!


One thought on “Teeth & Montessori

  1. i was a Montessori Pre-K teacher for 4 years before I had Piper. I also spent some time with the toddlers. I have been trying to incorporate some Montessori(ish) things with her too 🙂

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