stART: Dear Zoo and My World: Wild Animals

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The other morning after breakfast we read Dear Zoo (one of my faves as a little one) and Wild Animals (one of Cam’s favourites at the moment with the photos and my animal noises)

Cameron has wild animal plastic figuirines and is particularly partial to the tiger (“raaaar”). So we read the stories and then matched his figuirines to the pictures and talked about animal noises. Cameron kept getting my hand and putting it up to my face so that I would do the elephant noise.

I’ve started doing a little bit of sign language with him again when he seems interested and in general conversation but I haven’t taken it too seriously.

Using Cameron’s interest in tigers as an inspiration and the book I started preparing for some craft.

We always have a bowl of warm soapy water for washing our hands as we go and a towel (just for crafts) on the ready. I mixed up some orange and Cam used a brush and he added black stripes with the roller.

He really loves the rollers but really wanted to use them on the ground and his leg LOL

Here’s the finished product!

I love seeing Cameron concentrating and watching him take everything in. I’m looking forward to our next stART project ❤


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