Today I had a moment where Cameron called me Mum and was being his usual adorable self and I got tear-filled eyes and was filled with awe and felt so damn thankful that this precious little boy is my son.

I’m an amber-teething-necklace convert. I was a skeptic but brought one at a local market and I swear it has helped with the inflammation and pain because Cameron is sleeping and eating better. I got mine from Bambeados (see link for more info as to how they work).

nom, sushi

Last week at kindergym I asked one of the Mums (a Mum of five!) whether you ever ‘get over’ your children’s accomplishments. I swear, every new word or achievement of Cam’s is so.damn.exciting. She said “No way, my 17 year old makes his bed without me asking and I get so excited & am proud!”. So funny, but I think she’s right. I think I’ll forever be amazed by this little guy.

His latest word (said first this morning, much to my amazement) is “drawing”. It sounds like “door-eeee” coming from him but is accompanied by lots of pointing to crayons/craft box/paper. I wasn’t sure what he was saying at first but when I asked “do you want to do a drawing?” it was met with an enthusiastic grin and bouncing up and down on the spot. So cute.

Today we made some playdough together.

There is something magical to me about playdough. The smell takes me back to my childhood and that innocent creativity and play.

I love anything that Cameron can get involved with and I love finding new ways to play with him and help him to explore.

Cammy adding green to the dough

I used this recipe where you don’t have to cook the playdough because you use boiling water. It ended up great and I divided the mixture into 4 colours.

Cameron is really starting to enjoy playing with playdough. He loves to try and roll it out with a rolling pin and put cookie cutters and utencils into it. He asks me to roll bits into a ball for him to play with and we sing songs.

I want to make some more and use some essential oils so we can make it even more of a sensory activity.

Playdough is a great activity for young toddlers who (like Cam) aren’t keen on putting things in their mouths anymore (so glad that stage is over!) Without trying you are helping fine motor skills. Check the pincer grip action in this pic 😛


I love how toddlers enjoy mimicking. Cameron loves to brush his hair and teeth (well, try to). He has perfected scrubbing himself with Michael’s loofah in the shower and tries to add more soap. His first big tantrum was when he was trying to use my tweezers like me and pluck his eyebrows and I took them off him. He loves to wipe things down and attempt to clean his face.

I have uploaded new video of Cameron and I over at my Racheous Youtube Channel 🙂

Thank you for reading and commenting and I really appreciate the votes for my blog in the Top Mommy Blogs (link top right)! ❤


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