Cameron’s Favourites

I just thought I would share Cameron’s favourite toys/activities/what not at this point (my 15 month old!!) These items are used pretty much daily at the moment and I recommend every one of them for a young toddler 🙂

Beeswax Crayons – We have these Micador ones (got mine at Borders)


Toddler broom – we got ours from K & K Kreative Toys

“Doug” Cam’s doll – from Seedlings (available at Big W)

Rainbow People – from Mama May I on Etsy
(part of Cameron’s quiet basket in the mornings)

Cooking Pot by Leapfrog


I’m sick… what a way to spend the weekend. The weekends a precious… family time and I soooo look forward to them. But yesterday (Saturday), I spent the day trying not to be sick, feeling nauseous and with a killer headache. Today I have only just got out of bed at 10 AM.

I would so rather be spending my time with my husband and son, I swear. This plain sucks.

I have a blog post in my drafts about our trip to the museum with my sister and niece so stay tuned.

It is my birthday tomorrow so I’ll update after that.

Hope your weekend is full of laughter and sweet moments!


One thought on “Cameron’s Favourites

  1. U r so so so awesome. My sons
    15 months too . Ur blog made me so happy u r super wise mum if u can come sydney i really wana meet
    U hh hav a great weekend n take care happy birrhday 2 lovely mum

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