Freeze Time

Freeze time… because this…

is perfect.

Autumn has settled in and given us chillier mornings (for Australia anyway). We started today with a little walk.. the pace set by Cameron.

We have a morning ritual of dressing, breakfast, teeth & pets. This morning we spent even more time than usual with our cat, Little Man. There were cuddles & kisses. He’s the sweetest, biggest, laziest cat I know.

Yesterday I baked some yummy banana muffins. My mega-cute tiny tot carried around a muffin in both hands saying “nananana”.

I’m LOVING the sun showers… We have spotted a few rainbows lately. Although one sun shower ruined our after-lunch quiet time outside. I settled down with a cup of tea and a book and Cameron did some painting before we had too much wind and rain and were forced inside.. then it stopped. Of course.

I brought a new beautiful window crystal for Cameron’s room. We spent yesterday afternoon chasing little rainbows that danced on the walls because of the crystal suncatcher. Magic.

So much loveliness and it’s only 2 PM! Off to make Cameron giggle!


One thought on “Freeze Time

  1. i just LOVE that crystal! What a great idea! I can only imagine how cute Cameron was chasing those little rainbows. Gotta put that on my shopping list 🙂

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