Lazy Mum?

This birthday was all about me. Time for me. Pampering me. Improving me. Family & friends have brought me pampering gifts, books & vouchers and Michael got me a gym membership.

I now have a medium-sized handbag instead of lugging around a nappy bag. Now that Cam is older all I need is 2 nappies, wipes, a spare outfit, sippy, snacks & sunscreen.

But I have done something I never thought I would do. Not technically a birthday present but still something for me. & oh I know I’ll get judgement and flaming but I’m happy.

I have got a cleaner.

Yes, I, a stay at home Mum with no other commitments, have hired a cleaner for my home once a fornight.

I never considered it as an option. Then I started to look around at many of my mummy friends and realised that we all have to do something to help ourselves.

Some get their hair or nails or waxing done frequently, some have parents who babysit regularly, some have little one’s in care for a few hours, and the list goes on…

I don’t think that as SAHMs we are necessary entitled to anything. & I certainly DO have the time to clean. But it’s a pain in the ass doing larger cleaning jobs (bathrooms, floors, etc) with a toddler who has short day naps and isn’t that keen on Mummy paying attention to much aside from him.

During Cameron’s waking hours I of course clean. You can’t not clean with a baby/toddler/child. There are clothes to wash, dishes, rubbish to put out, as well as general cleaning of benches/highchairs/spills/crafts/what not. But when faced with doing something with Cameron or mopping – guess what wins?

A friend of mine said “When Cammy and subsequent bubbies are older, you will look back and be grateful you spent all the time you could with them instead of bothering with cleaning – you will never look back and wish you’d done more vacuuming!” which I added to the little things that I’ll remember when I feel guilty about this decision!

I have very luckily found a local mum who is super affordable which of course helps.

Am I a lazy Mum? No, I don’t think so. A lazy cleaner? Yeah, most likely. But I’m okay with that. I’m a SAHM. A SAHM = A stay-at-home-mum, not a stay-at-home-maid.

If you are not impressed by my not-so-domesticity… BEHOLD. I baked spiced apple & sultana mini muffins today. & I used Two Little Spoons recipe for Cheeseymite Scrolls to whip up 20 of these:

Although, it’s probably not all that impressive if I add that I called my Mum excitedly to tell her I was baking… clearly a rarity!

Oh, and I used this tutorial to make a lovely window star which will look beautiful when it is sunny. I have since fixed up the blue point to lay behind the red. Woops.

I’ll hopefully update at the end of the week (after our first visit from the cleaner!) and update 🙂

Also, someone asked me what exactly I don’t agree with/like about the Montessori method so I’m going to do a blog post expanding on my ever-adapting parenting ideals.

Racheous xox


3 thoughts on “Lazy Mum?

  1. Good on you, I completely understand as my bub’s day time naps are decreasing in length and I’m also finding it harder to get things done (and also hate mopping floors with a passion!!) I’m thinking I should look into getting a cleaner in too 🙂

    You are definitely not a lazy mum, just one with her priorities around the right way!!


    PS: Would love the recipe for the spiced apple and sultana mini muffins, my bubba LOVES sultanas!

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