Jo’lee and Cameron reading together
(Jo’lee 20.5 months, Cameron 15.5 months)

These two.

They ADORE eachother.

They squeal with delight when they first see eachother. Cameron giggles and says “Jo Jo” when he sees her house. & Jo’lee has progressed from calling Cam “Mammy” to “Tammy” to “Cammy” in high pitch.

They excitedly hug and trip over eachother in a mess of happiess before they toddle off to play.

They fight. Like siblings. We are always having to settle disputes of who had the toy first or who hurt who. Yes, already.

There is 5 months between them and it’s becoming more and more apparent as time goes on that this is no time really.

They copy eachother (both the good and the bad!) Cameron has great manners (“taaaah” and “tan-too”) thanks to Jo Jo. & Jo’lee has taken to signing “milk” and pretending to breastfeed! LOL They copy eachothers dance moves and teach eachother different things.

They glance over at eachother in the car. I love looking back to see them sharing a moment with little grins on their faces. Each must have the same or equal of whatever is happening at the time (food, drink, toy, book, etc).

They love eachother. There is a constant supply of smooches and cuddles amongst the playing and fights.

They are really different tots. Cameron is careful, sensitive, cautious, determined, bright, observant and a sweetheart. Jo’lee is firey, adventurous, independent, strong and one of the most affectionate kids you’ll come across.

Their hugs show a lot about their differences. Cameron is a sook and will wrap his whole body around you with his head on your shoulder and sit with you for as long as you like. Jo’lee, on the other hand, will damn near strangle you in a head-lock of love that is quick and fierce.

I think that is why they are attracted to eachother’s company – they compliment eachother.

I love that they may go to the same school and be in the same grade.

I love the love that they share. I love thinking ahead to the memories that they will have of a childhood together.

The games, the jokes, the pets, the endless list of “remember when”‘s.

❤ Racheous xox


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