1st Toddler Art Playgroup

It was a success!!

I kept it simple for my first toddler art group with only a few other mums/tots and only three activities.

Cameron was the youngest toddler there but they were all close in age so we had four 15.5 – 18.5 month olds.

I prepared my lounge room with as much space as I could muster (it was damp outside!) and covered two coffee tables and some floor with a large plastic table cloth (cut into 3) that you can buy for parties for really cheap.

If you are considering doing art with any toddler this book (link goes to fishpond.com.au where I purchased it and it is currently 65% off!) is a must-have. I saw other mamas out there in the blogging world referring to it and ordered it once I knew I had interest for a toddler art group.

It was a great buy with tonnes of ideas for different projects and an emphasis on the fact that art for toddlers is about the process, not the product. There are many variations on a huge range of different activities and some projects for your art spaces too!

The dough (homemade – same recipe as from this post – makes lovely soft dough that lasts for a few weeks in a container) was a hit with the littlies as they picked different colours, put it away and back out again, pretended to cook, tasted, cut, moulded, mashed, rolled, poked and tore it up. Cameron even stepped on it.

Cute, huh?

In between play, food, squabbles and dough the tots experimented with beeswax crayons and these easy painters (sponge-tipped painters similar to ‘do-a-dot’ painters)

There was paper-sharing, lots of taking off and on the caps, taste-testing and “come back here with that”‘s but no mess and lots of fun!

Our final activity was a very quick one where I secured a square of clear contact paper to the table cloth sticky-side-up and cut up bits of coloured tissue paper for a collage.

The little ones enthusiastically stuck as much paper onto their collages as possible before us mamas put another square of clear contact on top to create a simple sun-catcher. I will tidy the edges of Cam’s up and hang it in his playroom 🙂

It was lovely with yummy food and the kids are at a fun age where they are starting to interact and share (and steal!)

I’m looking forward to next time where hopefully we can have it outdoors and have some messier activities and creativity!


One thought on “1st Toddler Art Playgroup

  1. Very cool, I love doing crafts with my little one..I will have to check out that book!

    Thanks Rachel, hope you get some sunny days soon, we are still waiting on Spring here in Canada!

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