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We went on a couple of trips to the petting zoo to feed/pat/brush baby farm animals. Cameron is so naturally caring and gentle. He tried to kiss the baby goats and giggled at the snuffling piglets. He loved to sit down amongst the animals and watch them closely. He’s so beautiful.

We went to my nephews Easter parade at his kindy and Cameron surprised me by wanting to eat with the bigger kids, join in with the circle song time and happily left my side to explore the entire time. He seems to really love my niece/nephews kindy and the carers.

Jo’lee, my niece, stayed with us for the rest of the day on Thursday and the night. We played with dough, had tonnes of fun outdoors with chalk, the water table and sandpit, played with the wooden blocks indoors and read some stories. The dough kept them entertained for a surprisingly long time.

I took my sister and the kids to the Koala Centre in Daisy Hill. It’s free with some koalas on display and tonnes of information and is attached to a conservation park with several nature walks. The kids loved seeing the koalas up close (or co-wawa as Jayka called them!) and Jayka found it funny seeing them scratch, sleep, climb and eat and walked away saying “co-wawa scratcha bum!”

I went back with Michael yesterday but the centre was closed so we went on one of the nature walks. Cameron randomly talked to a bug and liked finding rocks and spotting all the dogs at the BBQs around the area (“PUPPYYYY”). Mike and I spent most of the time in silence and only really spoke about how calming nature is.

I watched The Last Exorcism (I’m a fan of horror movies) and Love & Other Impossible Pursuits (very touching movie but tough emotional content). I really enjoy movies but have to be in the mood for them. I’m definitely not one of those people who can regularly re-watch movies. Even some of my most favourite movies I’ve only seen a couple of times.

We are also in the process of gradually, gently weaning Cameron from breastfeeds. He’s been doing so much better than I expected considering he has been demand fed for over 15 months. He only had one feed a couple of days in a row! Michael has also been able to get him to sleep without me or boobah. It has been, admittedly, difficult for me emotionally. But it’s all a process and it means one step closer to our family growing. I’ll give this a post of it’s own soon 🙂

I’m looking forward to time with family tomorrow. We’re having an Easter egg hunt at my sisters place for the little ones. We bought Cameron a toy truck with some small hollow chocolate eggs in the back. We also have a trip up to the Sunshine Coast on Monday with Michael’s family so it’s going to be a fun long weekend 🙂

Hope your Easter is lovely too!

Racheous ❤


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