Continually Learning

I woke this morning with a blocked nose, sore sinuses, aching ears and a headache.

The great thing is that I’ve given myself a break as a result and spent the day doing quiet activities with Cameron while I read and eat good fresh foods.

Caught Cam’s ‘hard work’ in action.
Here he’s pushing crystals into scented playclay.

Easter took it’s toll in the chocolatey form and my body isn’t happy about it.

The breastfeeding weaning was short lived. The novelty & newness wore off for Cameron and he started feeding regularly overnight instead. He sobbed & pleaded and I realised that we both just aren’t ready.

Still, a major change has occurred which is that he is no longer demand fed. & he can feed as little as 1-2 feeds a day (usually 3 though).

So who knows when we will wean or be fertile for that matter. But I’m OK with that.

It will be how it is meant to be..


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