Who couldn’t adore that little face? He has been watching his little mate doing this cheesey-smile when a camera comes out so this is his version!

I sewed this swing* up for Cameron’s doll/teddies. I got a random burst of creativity at 10 pm (as you do) and went to bed anticipating his response.

The verdict? “Woooooow”

& I would pretty much do anything for that smile.

We had Toddler Art Group again this morning but I couldn’t find my camera so you will have to imagine how fun it was! I was zipping around cleaning 30 mins before the tots arrived so we only had scented play-clay sculpting and drawing with easy-grip coloured pencils and easy painters like last time.

I promise I’ll be more organised next time and have photos are more creativity!

In other news, it’s Racheous Goes Vego (Take Two). This time it’s just me and just for me. But for all the same reasons (health, conscious eating, sustainable consumption, animal rights, environmental health, etc etc).

Watch Food, Inc. I guarantee you will learn something and it will help make you chose what you eat more wisely (not just about the meat industry). My husband watched it and we changed a lot of things as a result after researching about the food industry in Australia. It’s great to be informed.

* Idea from the book “Creative Play for Your Toddler” Steiner Expertise and Toy Projects for 2 Years – 4 Years By Christopher Clouder & Janni Nicol.


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