My 17 Month Old

In a few days Cameron will be 17 months old. That sounds so big to me.

Speaking of him growing up; the invisible string that connects Cameron to me is lengthening. I’m watching as he’s gaining confidence and becoming more independent. He will walk out of the room without me or so much as a glance over his shoulder. He will play independently for longer periods of time.

It is lovely to watch him develop and be able to prepare food or clean/organise our home with two hands. Although it doesn’t always happen, at least it sometimes happens!

As always I’m still the one he turns and returns to… whether it is just-for-just, to share something with me or for comfort. I’m his base. I love that he’s learnt that he can rely on me so he feels safe enough to explore the world.

We are still breastfeeding/co-sleeping/wearing and loving it. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read back through my recent blogs and realised how I hadn’t done several of the things I said I would on my blog – i.e. encouraging weaning, vegetarianism and fitness. Sigh, that’s life.

His love of arts/crafts is still going strong. He woke up this morning and his first word was “dough”. I’ve just brought him one of these cases to store his play dough/clay ‘tools’. He loves getting out the dough and tools and putting them away almost as much as sculpting & playing with the dough.

I’ve always been into buying second hand. Most of our home items are thrifted (seriously – coffee table, tv unit, couch, dining table & chairs, fridge, toaster, book cases, some toys, our fish tanks, Cam’s cot, drawers, change table, some clothes and countless other bits and pieces). Op shops rock my socks, particularly for montessori-esque items like baskets, trays, frames and child-sized plates/bowls/cups/etc.

My latest op shop spree I was inspired by this article in Rhythm of the Home (which I adore & inspires me so much!) & decided to get some items to start our very own mud-pie-kitchen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mike and I are so craving our own home (we rent) at the moment. He didn’t get a job that promised double the pay he is on if he could work in a more remote area and he would have to be away from us. He is now looking for something similar so that we can get ahead. I don’t like the idea but I know that it would greatly benefit us. It is hard as young parents to set yourselves up.

I’m on pinterest by the way and you can see my current obsession of natural playscapes and montessori & waldorf inspired rooms/activities/toys/materials/etc. Lots of fun!

Thank you for reading ❤


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