Strawberry Picking and Home Video

Last weekend we went on a long drive up near the Sunshine Coast to pick up a wooden tabletop easel (chalkboar, whiteboard, easel & magnetic board in one with crayons, chalk, markers and paint included) that I scored for $15 new.

Cameron slept on the way there and we took the opportunity to drop into a strawberry farm on the way home and go strawberry picking! They have just opened their ‘pick your own’ now that they’re in season & it was perfect weather for it. As an added bonus for Cameron, they have an awesome tractor playground!

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It was beautiful. Fruit is always best fresh. Better, brighter, juicier, sweeter. & picking berries is too much fun for a toddler!

Cameron really had an eye for the best strawberries & these particular bushes were easy to pick from. He did pull so hard on one particular strawberry, that when it came off he fell on his bottom. He calls strawberries “nom nom” and does the funniest little ‘nom nom nom’ thing with his mouth and grins. Can’t argue with that.

I posted one of my home videos with Cameron talking to me on my channel here for a taste of his cuteness. I have given up on counting the words he uses regularly, in context. I know it’s over 60 now & he will pretty much try to say any word if I ask him.

I’ve become really inspired to do more Montessori-inspired activities and changes around the home now that he is getting older and more able.

I’m currently organising a cabinet next to the kitchen where we can store everything he uses for his practical life (plates, bowls, cups, jug, utencils, placemats, small dust brush & pan, sponges & spray for cleaning, and fruit & nibbles to prepare his own snacks – or help, at this stage).

Some other projects that we are working on are a wooden chalkboard lid that Mike made for Cameron’s sandpit, a child-sized outdoor table and chairs that we got for free that we have repaired, sanded back & are painting & some changes to Cameron’s playroom. I’ll share some photos once we have finished them!

I hope you are having a great week. Thank you for reading!

❤ Racheous


4 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking and Home Video

  1. Where abouts did you go strawberry picking? I live up near the Sunshine Coast, and I have been wanting to go for ages! I thought that they were all still closed, adn would love to take my 1yo to one that was open. Mmmm, they look delicious!

  2. Looks gorgeous Rachel!
    I’m really interested in that idea you posted about just there, having a press for Cameron’s daily stuff, plates etc. What would recommend to read/research/look at the find out more about Montessori?
    Thanks, Áine

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