Goodbye Curls

My Mum gave Cameron a long overdue hair cut.


If it were up to me, he would grow his hair forever and have a mop of curls but it was attempting to form dreadlocks at the back (hah! ok, I overdramatise).

He was very patient and sat still for his Grandma. The biscuit bribery (arrowroot biccie always wins) may have helped.

All the precious curls! Gone! But he looks so gorgeous & grown up. He was pretty chuffed too.

After the hair cut, his Daddy had a hair cut and I picked up a second hand ceramic water dispenser (yay! I found one with a tot-friendly spigot!) & then the boys had a (long!) sleep while I relaxed. Lucky me! & then they woke up all happy and we still have two more full days together (it’s a long weekend here) !!

My heart!

Racheous ❤


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