A Long Weekend and Toddler Art Group

We had a long weekend (courtesy of the Queen’s birthday holiday) last weekend; which we took full advantage of and had one of those lovely, somewhat rare, productive, relaxing weekends where we truly got to spend quality time together & get projects done without feeling busy, rushed or overwhelmed.

Saturday was reserved for haircuts and relaxing at home getting chores done. Sunday we spent out and about where we went to Mike’s parents place (a gorgeous big home on acreage with chooks, a dog, guinea pigs and pretty wild Australian birds (and the odd possum, koala, deer or goanna – although Cam & I are yet to see these).

Cameron is very comfortable with Mike’s family & was happy to spend time inside due to rain and chilly weather. He plays very well independently at the moment and enjoyed being doted on. He is the first grandchild of Mike’s parents and they adore him. We had a yummy lunch before going to a birthday afternoon tea for a sweet friend of mine who is the Mama to one of Cammy’s little friends.

Monday was particularly lovely where Mike and I spent the day at home doing things with Cameron. I baked bread, we started a herb pot, Mike took Cameron for a ride in his trike around the neighbourhood, Mike finished the custom chalkboard wooden lid for Cameron’s sandpit and Cameron and I did some painting.

On Tuesday we had our Toddler Art Playgroup where we took things outside for messy fun! We made goop (cornflour & water mixture with food colouring), shaving foam paint and painted with acrylic paints and sand.

It went really well despite some tears and hesitation at first with the new materials! Cameron walked through the paint with his socks on just before the playmates arrived and walked it through my tiles! Charli (our kitten) ran under the goop and got it on her forehead. It was messy and fun. Cam’s sandpit, outdoor toys and mudpie kitchen got a work out too.

Cameron’s practical life cabinet is well and truly up and running and he so loves it. It has even boosted his vocabulary as he has started asking (“peeze”) for different things before or as he gets them (bowl, juice, apple, banana, orange, tissue and water) because he has all of these things available to him now and is excited about the freedom he has.

He is very careful and deliberate though and takes care with his actions. He will put things away as I ask. He is yet to learn how to sweep effectively, or use the dustpan and brush well, or use a spray bottle by himself – but he tries all three.

At 17.5 months, he can (with help) spiral & core an apple on the contraption, pour freshly squeezed orange juice from a small jug to his little cup, spoon any wet or dry food into a bowl somewhat successfully, feed himself, use a fork, get a glass of water from the dispenser (still has trouble sometimes, and still is keen on pushing the lever and allowing water to go on the floor occassionally), sponge up spills, wipe tables with paper towel and his face with a tissue or wipe.

Here is his new shelf set up in his playroom. He has puzzles and stackers, his dough & tools & a new peg activity. He has mastered the four shape puzzle and his stacker some time ago but still loves to repeat the activities.

Hope you enjoyed the update! Let me know what you think 🙂


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