Rhythm, More Montessori and Current Projects

One of the main things that I love about the Waldorf (Steiner) method is the emphasis on rhythm. Children thrive off of a predictable, repetitive daily/weekly rhythm. The focus is not on scheduling or routine but rather a natural progression of daily activities. For example, lunch isn’t at a certain time, but rather after morning outdoor play and before nap time.

The sense of rhythm isn’t limited to day-to-day living either but also weekly (i.e. Tuesday is Art Day or Sunday is Family Day) and seasonal (including festivals). The rhythm is not something set-in-stone but is an flexible, ever-adapting ‘to-do list’.

I feel I’m getting to a stage of ‘perfecting’ our daily and weekly rhythm for this point in our lives. For me, the mere fact that I am really thinking about what we do on a day-to-day basis (and how and why) help to make me more purposeful and I’m growing as a mother and a woman because I’m broadening my skill-set.

Random cute photo of Cam & Charli The Kitten

If you are interested in our weekly rhythm at the moment, it is generally:
Monday – Baking
Tuesday – Art
Wednesday – Nature
Thursday – Organisation
Friday – Playgroup
Saturday – Out & About
Sunday – Family

Obviously, we do each of these things on other days too, but these are the focus for those days.

What I love is that it is making me try new things (and try again and again) such as baking on a regular basis (hence my search for the best go-to bread recipe! any suggestions welcome!), reading (Montessori mainly, but also books on mindful parenting and nature play) and different projects myself. I think that is important, not just for me but because I want Cameron to see me being creative in many ways too.

However, I’m now (hopefully) changing Thursday to what I call “Senses Day” (a new Racheous-invention) where we will make a concerted effort to experience new things for each sense [i.e. listen to some new music (sound) on our way to a new place (sight) and try a new food (taste) and focus on a new scent (smell) & try a new sensory activity (touch)].

Our daily rhythm has changed considerably as I’ve simplified and adjusted according to Cameron’s new abilities. I’m hoping to start on more Tot School-esque activities because Cameron is really getting interested in learning different things (e.g. his favourite activities at the moment involve big/small, counting, transportation, shapes and in/out) . I’ll follow what he is interested in and expand on his knowledge and help him develop in all different areas.


Working on pouring at Montessori Playgroup

We (meaning Mike and I) are Montessori mad at the moment and I have been reading a tonne of Montessori books and online information. We have decided that Montessori is definitely the method of education we want for our children. The biggest set-back for us is the fact that there is only one Montessori school in Brisbane (a couple are over an hour away but impractical) and it is expensive. I think, however, that education (moreover, a life-long love of learning and helpful life-skills) is worth it.

His new sweeping circular painting technique. He was very focussed.

I checked out the Children’s House that is attached to Cameron’s Infants House (playgroup) and fell in love. I could go on and on (and on, seriously) about what I observed in such a short timeframe and how it inspired me as a parent… and in what I hope to do beyond parenting. So I’m going to put Cammy on the waiting list! Again, it is more expensive than our other options but you can’t put a price on this kind of thing.


Some recent projects:

Hand- and foot-print keepsakes – as seen at The Imagination Tree (sooo easy & cheap – it’s a must-do for mamas!). I am going to paint them white.

DIY (freezer paper & fabric paint) stencilling – as seen at Soulemama (and in her book!).

ETA finished product:

I think it turned out great. I’m fairly certain a little choo-choo-obsessed somebody will be thrilled to wear this tomorrow. However, I am now obsessed with DIY stencilling!!!


Congratulations for making it through an epic post. Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rhythm, More Montessori and Current Projects

  1. You are such an active parent! After reading your blog archives over the last week, I have so many tabs open full of ideas for things I want to look into, buy, read about and do. Woohoo!

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