Still Here

I keep meaning to post (I have several posts in draft form waiting… waiting) but life keeps getting in the way. More important things keep distracting me.

Like this little guy. Note the homemade shortbread he is eating… the recipe needs perfecting.

Our week thus far has included early morning toddler-paced walks around the lake with puppy, fish, duck, spider & bird spotting featuring heavily. Cameron loves to hold my hand and take me to see things like interesting sticks and “wow-ar”‘s (translation: flower).

We started the week with a mama meet up and hosted our fortnightly Toddler Art Group on Tuesday.

Cammy is 18 months old in a couple of days. One and a half years!

He is growing so much character lately & everyday, seemingly mundane things feel that much more important now.

As a mother, you get to re-experience the world through the eyes of a toddler. Simple things are facinating.

Cameron breathes new life into my world daily. He makes me experience life in the now. To be present, for him, is a great gift. To not be plugged into something, or distracted.

Now, more than ever, I’m learning to be more mindful… to be purposeful and to choose carefully what we do, how we do it, what I say & how I say it.

While parenting Cameron it has become blearingly clear that everything he experiences, sees, hears, touches, etc etc is literally shaping him.

Reminders of this are everyday events as he:
– imitates how we laugh and talk on the phone, including pacing like I tend to;
– responds to spilt milk with a simple “oh no… tissue?” rather than being upset;
– says “oh sugar” when he trips over in the yard.

The list is endless. But I take particular notice of the things that I have helped shape in him already, and how they could have been different.


Cameron is obsessed with transport. Which is perfectly timed with the theme at Montessori next term. He gets me to read his DK Things That Go book countless times a day. He even mimics the sounds of the title, attempts to say helicopter and excitedly ‘counts’ (wah, two, eee) the red trucks before I get a chance to.

He was super excited to see a cement mixer the other day on our walk and an ambulance with the sirens blaring. He is so sweet though and said “oh no” because he knows that they ‘help people that are hurt’. Bless!


Cameron has recently learnt the magic of the word “please”. The words “what do you say?” elicit a shy grin that hold the knowledge that he will most likely get what he wants if he utters a simple word.

The hard thing is when he is so polite, sweet and innocent “eeze?” and I say he can’t have whatever it is. For example, this morning he asked “Daddy? eeze?” pointing to the door. My sweetheart!

He has said thank you (“tan-too”) for a fair while now but he is much more consistent with it lately. He also says bless you when someone he knows well sneezes (“beh-doo”).

Another regular is Cammy calling someone silly. It started with “siyee sar-yah” (translation: silly Charlotte) and soon he was giggling when we did something silly or tickled him saying “siyee Daddy” and “siyee way-shoo” (yep, still calling me Rachel most of the time!)

Oh, he is such a gorgeous boy!

Thanks for reading ❤


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